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The only guy I can think of that really loves Hitler is Yuval Noah Harari, yet he keeps getting more press. He can go on youtube and praise Stalin and HItler endlessly, however I get censored when I testify about COVID and COVID vaccines killing everyone with evidence to back it. Blaze Media published a scary piece, “Intelligence agency funding research to merge AI with human brain cells.” They are working on tying computers in with human brains, which just sounds horrific to me, the last thing I want is a computer controlling my brain. I don’t care if it advances anything, I don’t want anything to do with that. Harari who is behind this recently said that the one world order is all nonsense on youtube with Lex Fridman. Youtube is ok with a guy who is actively promoting Hitler but not ok with a guy who’s trying to keep your kids safe. They want to call me misinformation despite the fact that I have documents to back up everything I say, but are good with a guy that talks about how he has developed better technology to enable Hitler and Stalin type people to do more damage.

Now let’s talk about Poopy Pants Joe Biden. My grandmother suffered from dementia and it’s an awful thing, it’s clear to me and most of the world that Joe Biden has dementia. When you face dementia or Alzheimer’s you don’t just lose everything, core aspects of your personality remain even though you might not remember certain people, or know what’s going on the core of who you are remains. What’s the core of Joe Biden? The core of Joe Biden seems to be sniffing children and selling out. As long as you can explain to Joe Biden what it is that he gets out of it, 10% to the big guy, he’s all in. My guess is, and I can’t prove this, is that while he’s busy pooping his diaper and getting confused that it’s Obama pulling the strings. He said, “if I could be the president without being the president that would be great.” When we look at the corruption going on in this administration we have to understand that those that are pulling the strings are pretty strong. The corruption is mind blowing and our RINO leadership is doing nothing. They love to talk about how they support Donald Trump, but what are they doing about the impeachments? Not just on Poopy Pants, what about Merrick Garland, what about Mayorkas? Our conservative leaders are afraid of McConnell and McCarthy. We have a conservative caucus in the house, the Freedom Caucus that is supposed to stand for we the people, what are they doing? They should be forcing a vote on Joe Biden’s impeachment NOW. I want every republican to have to vote on impeaching Biden, that will show us everything we need to see.
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