Vaccines in the Food Supply: Attorney Tom Renz Explains on the Moms For America Podcast

Tom Renz, known as “The People’s Attorney,” sat down with Moms of America to discuss a serious issue affecting all of us: vaccines in the food supply. Tom has proof that the mRNA technology, which caused many people harm through the Covid vaccine, is now being added to our food supply. Without our knowledge or consent, this experimental medical technology is altering the food we eat. He has clear and up-to-date information on the legal challenges he is leading against this unethical use of gene therapy. He also shares what ordinary Americans can do.

Tom filed his first COVID lawsuit in 2020 and he continues the fight today, challenging government fraud, business closures, vaccine mandates and cover-ups. He has also been disclosing the lack of informed consent protections for American consumers exposed to mRNA technology. With new information emerging about the dangers of the mRNA vaccines, Tom’s work has never been more important. Learn what has happened and how you can protect your family.

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