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First – did you know that “they” have developed a mechanism to vaccinate people through mosquitoes? Mosquitoes that act as flying syringes for malaria vaccines are a real thing. I have no evidence that they have been released anywhere but you do not spend the money to develop a product like this if you do not plan to use it. That leads to the question, how does Bill Gates plan to get informed consent from people potentially vaccinated by flying syringes? Will the mosquitoes carry legal documents with them with side effect lists and a spot to sign before they bite you? Or perhaps he simply does not care about informed consent… who knows?
The second issue I see is that it appears that the guy funding mosquito work all over the place is the only one that actually knows what is being funded and where. I ask this sincerely, but how do we the people know which GMO mosquitoes are biting us and how do we know the impact of the mosquitoes’ edited genes on the person bitten? This matters because if the mosquitoes’ bites can transfer enough material into the person that was bitten’s body to vaccinate how do we know the impact of these gene modifications more generally? Maybe there is no impact but has anyone studied it or are we just going to play God with genetics and hope it doesn’t have consequences?

I also feel I’d be remiss to point out that the fact check and everything else about this story requires that we trust what “they” are telling us. I’m not suggesting Oxitec or Gates would ever lie but can we agree that they qualify as interested parties? Or that we have not seen to many random cases of malaria popping up in the US typically?


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