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“I’m opening up with some important news that isn’t going to be reported on unless I tell you, because I was there. I want my freedom fighting brothers and sisters to hear me here and trust me on what I’m about to tell you. This is an important and tough topic.

Do you remember several months ago in Dearborn Michigan the Islamic community joined with the Christian community came together to fight the school districts on the pornography and tranny stuff that was getting pushed on the kids? It wasn’t widely reported because the mainstream media will do anything they can to keep this from getting out. The worst thing that can happen to the WEF, the great reset, the democrat party, the mainstream media is for ‘we the people to come together on anything. The power has always been with the people. They fear ‘we the people,’ it’s the one thing the elites truly fear, is that ‘we the people’ come together.

Last night I had the opportunity to go to Michigan and speak to a group of community leaders alongside my good friend General Flynn. I went to a city called Hamtramck, it’s in the Detroit metropolitan area and there’s about 45,000 people that live there. They’ve made news recently because when all the alphabet flags were put out for June pride month Hamtramck said no, we aren’t putting any flags up but the American flag. Which is completely sensible to me. It’s a very reasonable position for a government entity to take. If you fly a flag for one thing they have to fly a flag for everything, they can’t have viewpoint discrimination it’s part of the first amendment, so they said no, the American flag and that’s it.

Hamtramck is a majority Muslim community and so we have another instance of an Islamic community saying they don’t accept this stuff being pushed on their families and their children. I went there to meet with the mayor and leaders of the Islamic community, and there were people from the Dearborn area as well, both heavily Islamic populated communities.

I want to talk about the tough stuff here. Let’s go back to 9/11, I was in D.C. on 9/11, I felt the plane hit the pentagon and watched the buildings come down. After 9/11 I supported Bush, and supported his war on terror. I will tell you to this day I don’t like anybody who’s going to hate other people and kill others just because they are different. One of the things that was brought up to me last night is that we always talk about the terrorists that are islamic but not any of the other terrorists. This is a big issue, there’s a major trust gap. There’s a vast majority of people who are Islamic that are living their lives like Christians and Jews, and everybody else. Their religious beliefs are different but they are working, raising their children, protecting their families, trying to prosper economically, like all Americans are. Remember what the left does, they use ideologies like CRT, that teaches us the first thing we need to do is look at the color of someone’s skin, because we all have implicit bias so if we don’t look at that we are ignoring our implicit bias. That’s a load of crap, if I look at the color of your skin first and I don’t strive to avoid that then I’m inherently promoting racism. They use these things to intentionally divide us. The media can never talk about Jews or Muslims as Americans, they are always Jews or Muslims.

We are at a point in America where we have a large Islamic population and I have to ask, should we not talk to our brother and sister Americans who are Muslims? As Americans aren’t we all brothers and sisters? Are we just brothers and sisters if you look like me and act like me? That’s what the left wants, they want us to focus on our differences, and they’ve been very successful at getting us to not talk to one another. Look at the black community, there’s a huge population of the black community that doesn’t trust white people, why? Because the media tells them to. There’s a huge population of the Islamic community that doesn’t trust anyone who’s a republican, why? Because the media tells them white republicans hate them. There’s all these different groups that believe they hate each other because they’ve been told to hate each other.

If you are a Christian when is it appropriate to hate someone? I was honored to go there last night and engage with brothers and sisters who believe in Freedom, who believe in America, and they were Islamic, and it was a beautiful thing. I was honored to recognize that being of any particular faith doesn’t make you a terrorist. I’m a Catholic, does that mean I’m a pedophile? We have a real problem in the Catholic church, we have more pedophiles than we know what to do with, so should we call all Catholics pedophiles? That’s no more fair than calling everyone who’s Islamic a terrorist. There’s billions of people who practice Islam, there’s a small handful of nutcases that blow themselves up or practice Jihad.

If you live in America and you are living as an American and you practice freedom, then you have to recognize that our freedom is under attack. Whether you want to live as a Jew, Muslim, Christian or anything else you better start working together. Because right now the left and evil people around the world have divided us into little population segments and pitted us against each other. We need to protect our children, we need to protect freedom for everyone. You can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, we have to fight the bad in every community and we have to come together for freedom.
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