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“Let’s jump into no other than the ED leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell. He seems to be slowing down even further which leads to a very serious issue. McConnell sold out long ago, he’s about as republican as Chuck Schumer, regardless he’s a very powerful senator, he’s a monster. He’s slowing down and they can’t cover when his brain freezes up. They can try to make excuses and dodge things, but he can’t hide his mental decline when he’s locking up in front of the camera like that. He’s 8,676 years old give or take a few days and the reality is he’s not fit to be where he’s at. He’s pretty close to having to go whether he likes it or not.

This is setting up for a real question, who’s going to take his spot? If you think the RINO’s and the uniparty haven’t learned from what happened in the house where they were barely able to get McCarthy in, well they have, you’re not paying attention, they are corrupt, not stupid. They know how to play the political game. By any and all accounts Mitch McConnell is making sure that the person that replaces him is a full blown completely blue blooded RINO. Before that happens McConnell has to go to his corporate masters who are paying him off and he’s probably been paid off as much as Biden in my opinion. I’d love to see investigations into McConnell, I’d love to see how many buy off’s he’s had. There’s a fight brewing and the question is what’s going to happen and who’s going to be there.

The Daily Caller did an article, “GOP Insiders: The Race To Replace McConnell Will Be ‘Rigged’” where they talked to a bunch of senate staffers and people around and asked them what they think is going to happen? Here’s my favorite quote form the article, “It’s almost impossible for an outsider to win leadership races these days with how much money is controlled by the party leaders on all sides, but the issue is particularly acute with McConnell in the Senate. He’s basically the most — at least to the base — the most unimpressive leader that we’ve had in previous decades. However, he is the longest-serving Republican leader or any party leader in the Senate, based primarily on the fact that he controls about a half a billion dollars every cycle in campaign funds,” a former Senate aide told the Caller. So basically McConnell has been very smart at raising money, he’s bought and sold everyone he’s got to buy and sell and he owns the position, he’s just paid everyone off.

Next quote, “So if you want to get elected to the Senate, the majority of the money to run for Senate is controlled exclusively by Mitch McConnell. Rick Scott already did challenge him. I don’t know if he’s currently running, but he did run against him. He put his reputation on the line. I don’t know if the pain was so severe that he would decline to do so again, but I can tell you there’s not even going to be much of a race. It’s going to be John Thune,” the former aide continued, referring to South Dakota Sen. John Thune. The other guy they talk about being a possibility is John Cornyn from Texas, those are the people they are looking at, both RINO sell outs. Frankly, why would we tolerate this? We the people need to do something about this right now. The system is all about homeostasis, they do not want change, they all need to keep making money and maintain the corrupt status quo.

McConnell is going to make sure that whoever replaces him totes the line. He’s going to make sure their pockets are padded and they’ll make sure the wheels are greased with the current pigs standing at the trough. The pigs standing at the trough that is Washington D.C need to be sloped.
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