Plan or Not, Keep Fighting

“The Biden Family corruption saga continues in the headlines today. Just the News published a great article, “Silk Road Paved with Cash: Court records confirm millions flowed to Biden family from China,” that ties into Hunter Biden’s plea deal, and it lays out several important facts. I want to focus on one of the paragraphs from the plea deal:

“During calendar year 2017, Biden earned substantial income, including: just under $1 million from a company he formed with CEO of a Chinese business conglomerate; $666,666 from his domestic business interests; approximately $664,000 from a Chinese infrastructure investment company; $500,000 in director’s fees from a Ukrainian energy company; $70,000 relating to Romanian business; and $48,000 from the multi-national law firm.”

None of this was influence peddling folks, he’s just that brilliant of an executive, because when you think of learned lawyers you think of Hunter Biden. The most learned lawyers I know frequently have pictures of themselves snorting coke off of hookers butts. Of course none of these Chinese infrastructure companies had anything to do with the CCP, they were just clean and pure as the wind driven snow. The point is the corruption from the Biden administration is mind blowing and at a level we’ve never seen in this country. Biden was selling out entirely to a foreign enemy.

Meanwhile we have the persecution of Donald Trump. Look at Alan Dershowitz and his commentary on Jack Smith. Dershowitz is by no means a Trump fan, we are clearly on different sides of the political spectrum but I admire him for the way he looks at the law. Law is impartial, it’s blind, that’s the way it has to be. He knows these are garbage indictments and he and I agree on this. The Jack Smith indictment in my mind was both prosecutorial misconduct and illegal and I hope Trump sues him personally.

We’ve got a group of people who are Trump supporters that say “trust the plan, he’s playing 12D chess,” etc. I’ve said frequently that I don’t have any evidence of it, I’m not saying it isn’t happening, it certainly could be happening without my knowledge. Regardless, ‘we the people’ need to do everything we can to fight for our freedom. I don’t care if Trump has been playing 12D chess this entire time and he wins everything tomorrow, ‘we the people’ still need to fight. The only reason we are in this situation is because we sat on our hands too long and let our freedoms be stolen by a corrupt government. Within the patriot movement we have people who say, “trust the plan,” others who say, “there is no plan,” and those who say, “it doesn’t matter if there’s a plan.” I’m in the third group, I don’t think it matters if there’s a plan, either way we are responsible for fighting as hard as we can. This government is our government, and they don’t act like they are our government because we have failed to hold our government responsible. I hope Trump has a super secret plan and is going to save us all, I want to caution you against complacency. If we don’t wake up from this then it’s all for nothing.

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