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On today’s show we have a special guest with us, Dr. John Witcher who’s running for Governor in the great state of Mississippi. He’s become a great friend of mine and with his election coming up I wanted to bring him on the show so he could introduce himself to our audience and spread awareness on his campaign and his fight to save the state. John was one of the patriots that stood strong against the COVID tyranny and has been in the fight for freedom with us from the beginning.

John is a huge fan of Trump, you’ll hear about his history in politics and why he’s running for office. He credits Trump for the overturning of Roe v. Wade in Mississippi and like me sees how our country has turned into a banana republic and is in desperate need for true patriots to stand up. He’s a good Christian man, a God, family, country guy and Mississippi is lucky to have him fighting for their freedoms.

The current Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves is a RINO, and has earned the nickname ‘Reeves the RINO.’ Many people are going to the polls to vote him out and I hope for Mississippi’s sake that Dr. Witcher gets the votes he needs to become their next Governor. In every state we need to be getting involved in our elections; we need to be canvassing, ballot harvesting and getting to the polls in massive numbers. Our country needs courageous leadership and more great people like Dr. Witcher running for office. Like General Flynn says, local action creates national impact. If you are someone asking, what can I do to fight? This is it, help your local GOP clean out the RINO’s and get good men and women in office.

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