Masks Suck

“Liberty Daily has an interesting article today, “Right on Cue, Corporate Media Starts Pushing Nationwide Slave Masking for Covid Despite the Fact They Don’t Work.” Let’s start with the fact that they don’t work. THEY DON’T! We knew that they don’t work, we knew it at the start. They’ve never had any valid reason for masking. It has always been about control and it was always a lie.

In the beginning of September of 2020 I submitted a declaration in court. I was arguing a case related to COVID and lockdowns. This declaration includes a vast amount of studies and my brilliant friend Dr. Sherri Tenpenny assisted me with the research for this.

From February 29th, 2020, “Seriously people stop buying masks- STOP BUYING MASKS! They are not effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!,” said Dr. Jerome Adams, US Surgeon General.

Viruses get into your system and the way that this works is they get in and then they replicate. That’s pretty much all that they do is replicate. As they continue replicating your body attacks them and tries to remove them from your body, that’s the immune response. The virus continues to try and grow and your body continues to try to remove it. Once you get enough of a viral load, which means the virus has continued to replicate and your body hasn’t successfully removed it, it’s believed you reach a threshold of a high enough viral load that you develop symptoms. That’s the theory behind viruses and how they make you sick.

If you don’t have enough viral load to be symptomatic then you don’t have enough to spread the disease. If you are healthy you can’t spread a disease and that includes COVID. To this day there’s zero evidence of asymptomatic spread from COVID, if you don’t have symptoms you don’t spread COVID. Taking a PCR test is stupid period, but taking a PCR test when you don’t have symptoms is an absolute waste and just a dumb thing to do. What this means is that even if masks work the only people that should wear them are sick people, because healthy people can’t spread it. If the sick people are wearing them and the masks work, why should I have to wear one if I’m healthy?

The mask is a bunch of little fibers that are woven together, it’s like a fence that has holes between the fibers, it’s not solid. Those holes between those fibers are frankly too big to stop COVID particles. Masks will catch spit and slobber, and that’s why masks are worn in surgical settings. However they won’t stop COVID particles. The consensus is that the diameter of a COVID particle is between .06-.014 microns, N95 and N99 masks are 30 microns, this is a real simple thing, at biggest COVID particles are less than half the size of the holes so they pass right through.

Additionally, I learned of another big problem with masking from Stephen Petty, who’s one of the top industrial hygienists on the planet and an expert that I’ve worked with. Stephen pointed out that when you cough the viral particles are in aerosolized water droplets, your slobber essentially, and what happens is it’s like throwing a water balloon against a chain link fence. The balloon breaks and is caught in the mask but the water goes right through the fence. So you’ve now created smaller particles that have COVID in the air that spread further and survive longer in the air. The masks make it worse! Even worse, your mask then catches the big particles and you continue to breathe them in all day long. Masks don’t work, they’ve never worked and they never will work.
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