Lobbyists for BioTech Went on Record to Admit That GMO Foods Do In Fact Impact People’s Genetic Code

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Biotech lobbyists in Missouri opposed to the HB1169 Gene Therapy Disclosure & Informed Consent Bill ADMIT that GMO food like the type Bill Gates is pushing to manufacture in factories WILL alter your genetics – ARE THESE FOODS GOING TO BE THE NEXT mRNA VACCINES?

HB1169 in Missouri would require disclosure of any product that would produce impacts on the human body similar to a gene therapy drug as well as requiring informed consent disclosure to include all risks and benefits – including adverse events of special interest. The language of the bill can be found at https://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills231/hlrbillspdf/2467H.01I.pdf. Naturally, big Pharma and their associates oppose disclosure and informed consent.

During official testimony in the Missouri House on the bill the lobbyists for BioTech and WashU in Missouri went on record to admit that GMO foods do in fact impact people’s genetic code. They actually opposed the bill on the basis that this law would require them to admit that all of their GMO products ARE in fact impacting people’s genetic code. There was no discussion as to how substantial the impact was or what studies were being done to ensure these modifications were not causing long-term health effects.

This SHOCKING admission is critical in light of the Gates Foundation/WEF push to begin producing all meats and dairy products in factories. If a basic GMO food can cause modification of our genome what could an entirely manufactured food do? Further, do we trust the same people to ensure these products are safe and effective that told us the COVID vaccines would stay in the injection site, have minimal side effects, and prevent the spread of COVID despite admitting to the European Union that they never studied the vaccine’s ability to stem the spread of COVID?

Also in this testimony Renz was able to include discuss the DMED data, DoD involvement with the development of COVID, the DoD involvement with the COVID vaccines, and MUCH more.

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