I Stand With Donald Trump

“I stand with Donald Trump. Jack Smith, Joe Biden and the corrupt DOJ have put me in a position to stand with Donald Trump. The attack on Donald Trump by our corrupt Department of Justice is an attack on freedom and an attack on our republic like we’ve never seen before. I stand with Donald Trump, I stand for his right to speak, and act, and behave as he chooses. Donald Trump is being persecuted because he is the single greatest threat to the power structure that exists and this persecution is unacceptable, un-American and unnecessary. This is being done by one of the most corrupt administrations in history, the only thing that rivals the actions of the Biden crime family is the complete cowardice shown by Mitch McConnell and the republicans who refuse to do anything about this.

The federal government has been weaponized against the American people and even against a former president. We are now in a situation where we have two options, support Donald Trump or watch America fall. Trump represents freedom right now, I don’t have to love everything he’s done, I don’t have to love everything he is, I do have to respect that he has the right to do what he’s done. If we criminalize his behavior then we risk criminalizing my behavior, your behavior, and everybody else’s. If the government doesn’t allow freedom for all it does’t allow freedom for any and we are at risk of losing freedom everywhere. Right now we are at the greatest risk of losing our republic in American history. I think that this rivals everything we faced in the civil war and any war we’ve faced in history. We are witnessing the weaponization of the federal government, the justice department, and the criminal justice system. Our courts need to step up and do something about this and more importantly our elected officials need to fight this. This isn’t a little bit ridiculous, this is absurd. If Jack Smith isn’t defunded yesterday there is something wrong. We have Joe Biden and his son taking payoffs and bribes and then using their position of authority to not only protect themselves but to go after political enemies. This isn’t just criminal, I would argue it’s treasonous. These people should not only be impeached, they should be in jail.

When I look at the US House of Representatives, the Senate and the republican party sitting on their hands and making excuses I find it so reprehensible I don’t know what to say.
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