Do You Want to Know Why We Love Trump?

“I want to open up with this, a quote from David Brooks at the New York Times,

“Like all elites, we use language and mores as tools to recognize one another and exclude others. Using words like problematic, cisgender, Latinx and intersectional is a sure sign that you’ve got cultural capital coming out of your ears. Meanwhile, members of the less-educated classes have to walk on eggshells, because they never know when we’ve changed the usage rules, so that something that was sayable five years ago now gets you fired.”
You want to know why Trump is so popular? Because he’s not a moron, he realizes that calling something progressive and changing it doesn’t make it good. Hitler was a progressive in the 30’s and 40’s, did that make it good? Hell no it didn’t, he was a sicko.
David Brooks is one of the smart people at the New York Times, and I’m going to pose to him that perhaps he’s right because he asks the question, what if we are the bad guys? The ‘we’ he’s referencing are the elitist lunatic liberals. News flash David, you are right, I don’t think he means to be the bad guy, I think he’s trying to be the good guy and he’s just too stupid to recognize that he’s not. I don’t mean he’s stupid generally, I think he’s been suckered into this. A lot of these elitist liberals have been suckered in by their own ego’s. The leftist’s long ago recognized that you can sell anybody if you appeal to their ego.
I had to go to an event yesterday, my son is changing schools and they hosted an event at Cedar Point Amusement Park. I was absolutely sickened by what I saw there in so many ways. Are you ready for a full fledged dose of toxic masculinity? Because I’m all in today and I’m fussy. You want to know how I know I’m an old man? When you go from seeing a young pretty girl and saying “wow she’s hot,” to looking at a young pretty girl and saying, “what the hell is she wearing? She could be my daughter.” That’s where I’m at in life. I’m old, I’m married, I love my wife and I see these 18 to 20 year old kids and some even younger and I just can’t help but think, “do they even have parents?” Do you know how many butt cheeks I had to see walking around an amusement park? For God’s sake, I understand wanting to dress pretty, and I’m not suggesting you have to dress like a nun, but what the hell are they doing? This is an amusement park, not a nudey beach.
On top of that there were many trans perverts there, 30-40 year old men walking around with their kids wearing a dress, looking like complete fruit cakes, and these people say that I’m backwards and old. These kids are being exposed to a mental illness because it’s fashionable today. Rather than recognizing that this is a mental illness we are now trying to make it a cool thing, and what about the kids? Don’t you think we have an obligation to protect the innocent? These kids are dealing with growing up in a house with someone with a legitimate mental disorder. They don’t care about the impact this has on the kids. We should be working to make sure these kids don’t grow up with a mental illness, not telling them this is cool.
This is by no means an acceptable thing. The lack of respect that we have for ourselves and the people around us is astounding to me. I am not going back to Cedar Point anytime soon, and it’s sad because they have a great park. We’ve created a situation that when I see a guy walking around wearing a bra and a skirt I’m not supposed to look at him funny, are you kidding me? This isn’t progressive! This is not being kind and cool and moving the culture forward, this is regression. We are embracing mental illness and promoting bad behavior. The idea that progressivism as a good thing is insane.
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