Dinosaurs, Extinction, and Nazis

“There’s a real concern about the age of those in the US Senate. Feinstein has no idea where she’s at, I think between her and McConnell they provide more funding for ‘depends diapers’ than anyone else on the planet. McConnell froze up recently and we can see that he’s not equipped to be in the Senate. Let me be real clear, Mitch McConnell is the worst senator in America, I despise his performance as a senator. He’s one of the most corrupt, rotten, pieces of crap in the senate. He sells out the GOP and the republican party at every opportunity and is bought and sold.

I frequently speak out about McConnell, I think he’s the problem, he’s representative of the issues we have in the senate, he’s a sell out, he’s a crook, he’s a RINO. He’s everything I dislike. When I spoke out about him freezing up on Twitter people started accusing me of not being sensitive to his medical issues. Here’s the point, if he’s not healthy enough to do the job he needs to step down. McConnell is an old man who’s not capable of doing his job yet he continues to do it. He’s the minority leader of the U.S. Senate and is doing more damage to America on a daily basis than any other person I can count and I’m not going to feel sorry for him. He’s taken the job, and he shouldn’t have. He needs to step down. If he cared about anything other than himself and his pocketbook he would step down.

Jeff Crouere published a great piece in The Liberty Daily on term limits titled, “Goodbye McConnell, Hello Term Limits.” Jeff takes the position that term limits are absolutely necessary and it’s hard to disagree with him. When you look at Feinstein and McConnell it’s hard to say “nah we don’t need limits.” All these Senators that are 185 years old, and are the worst people on the planet, absolutely shouldn’t be there. McConnell is a six times senator, 36 years, he’s lived most of his professional career as a leech sucking off the blood of the American people. He has no idea what’s going on, so even if he wasn’t 185 years old he still would be an awful out of touch human being. Anyone who spends that much time in Washington is out of touch with what it means to be a normal American.

This article goes on to quote other senators:

“Unfortunately, as the nation has seen too often, McConnell is like many other members of Congress who are reluctant to retire, even at advanced ages. For example, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina served in the U.S. Senate for 48 years, finally retiring at the age of one hundred. Robert Byrd of West Virginia served in the U.S. Senate for even longer, 51 years, and died in office at the age of ninety-two.
Along with McConnell, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) should also retire. She is 90 years old and is well past her prime. She must be told how to vote by her aides, who keep her public appearances to a bare minimum. Like McConnell, Feinstein has been in the U.S. Senate for decades, first getting elected in 1992.

The nation deserves better than to have a U.S. Senate in which the average age is 64, the third oldest in history, and 54 of the current members are 65 years of age or older.”

Nikki Haley said, the U.S. Senate is “the most privileged nursing home in the country.” Well, that’s about right folks. When your mental faculties start declining, which they do at some point. Don’t get me wrong there are some seniors that are brilliant, we have some senior judges that are brilliant and terrifying at what they do, so there are absolutely exceptions. Regardless, it’s a reality that when we get older most people decline mentally, case in point Mitch McConnell. Instead of the other republican senators calling Mitch out and addressing this problem, and asking him to at least step out of the leadership rule, instead we have a bunch of crooks running around kissing his butt, like Mike Rounds. No sane person can actually look with a straight face and say McConnell is able to continue in a functional way. McConnell is a disaster, he’s an absolute trainwreck, yet the republican party, winred and all these crooks want to support him. Why would you want to move in the direction of a loser that everyone hates? How can you say that that’s the way to go?
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