CIA & COVID – The Ultimate Betrayal of America – The Tom Renz Show

BREAKING – CIA IS INVOLVED WITH COVID COVERUP – That’s right folks – remember when I said (for the last year plus) that the CIA was involved in the funding and creation of #COVID19? Remember when @AGHuff & I told you that EcoHealth Alliance did the work but the CIA & DOD made it possible to create the Covid pandemic? Remember how I told you all that this #conspiracytheory was actually just a fact & I had the evidence? This report is only the tip of the iceberg – mark my words and I have not been wrong yet. The “deep state” has declared war on the people of America and the world. They have censored us to make sure we could not share the truth but #WeThePeople just keep coming and will never stop.

Congratulations to @bradwenstrup for finally asking some real questions & thank you for the elected officials willing to actually start showing some courage. The next thing you need to recognize is that the CIA didn’t just help cover this up – the also created the disease and are still working on Gain of Function to create more. Then you will need to start looking at the WEF and public private partnerships the CIA has used to facilitate all this. Hey @GOP – I can fill you in on the details if you’d like me to testify or you can wait until my next report and I can send it to you again so you can pretend you did this without me 6 months later.

You can doubt me but show me where I’ve been wrong so far and ask yourself whether you want to trust the guy that has been attacked and censored relentlessly for telling the truth – or the crooks and liars that have made billions off of lying and killing people. Nuremberg 2.0 time yet?

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