Best of The Tom Renz Show (03/19/23) The Masks Don’t Work Lawsuit

We have been lied to more times than I can count, and while our government is lying to us on every topic, from Jan 6 to the elections, to climate change, to CBDC, one of the best illustrations of the lies comes from the COVID realm. Masks, in particular, have always been one of the most profoundly stupid lies in history, and the only thing more shocking than scientists risking their reputations on this stupidity is the fact that so many believed it.

The thing to understand is that the idea of masking was not something that had not been studied or understood prior to COVID. In fact, by midsummer of 2020, we had both new and historical data that clearly showed that masking was of zero benefit and came with a number of very real risks.

This evidence was incredibly clear, and my team (with the help of my dear friend Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) submitted the evidence document to a federal court in late August or early September of 2020. That means that all of the cited data and studies were known PRIOR to September 2020.

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