Televisions And Publications Warn About Lack Of Curiosity Regarding Young People Dying Suddenly

Article from Health Thoroughfare:

It looks like the issue of young and healthy people dying suddenly is slowly but certainly penetrating the mainstream media. Check out the latest reports coming from Fox News below.

Check out the video coming from Fox News that Rumble posted in order to see an interesting discussion between the famous cardiologic and the TV news.

Dr. Robert Malone also has a message for people. Don’t forget – he is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine:

About three years have passed, and the entire world has been subjected to lies, misinformation, corruption, and death. It is time for accountability.

People vs Pfizer

As the prestigious lawyer who is fighting these companies, Tom Renz, notes, the federal bureaucracy is corrupt beyond words, and the politicians are worse.

He just stated that any legitimate scientist – that is not bought off – can see what has happened, and any with ethics has been speaking out.

“Only the most corrupt or lazy members of the scientific community are still promoting the COVID narrative, and particularly, the vaccines,” he said. You can check out his latest piece, in which he promises the world will see justice once and for all.


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