Trump 2024? The Vax & the REAL Swing Vote He NEEDS

So Donald Trump wants back in the Whitehouse in 2024 (yes we miss him); well, he’d better pay attention to this. Every election cycle we hear an endless trumpet of “experts” telling us about the “swing vote” and how a candidate can get that prized group of voters. While most of us that are focused on fighting for our various causes find it a bit absurd that so many are in the squishy middle, this time I think this segment of the electorate will be critical component of the election cycle. Specifically, I believe the most important and undetermined demographic of the 2024 election will be those that are either COVID/mRNA unvaxxed or against the COVID/mRNA vax.

Before I go any further let me define this segment. First, understand that the CDC is doing the same thing when it reports the vaccination rates as it has done with everything else related to COVID – It’s lied. At this point the CDC is reporting that the about 92% of Americans are jabbed. That number is not even close to true. Dr. Peter McCullough reported in his Substack (click here to read) that an independent university report suggest the real number is more like 75%. While I think that number is closer, my personally belief is that the real number of COVID vaxxed is closer to 60-65%. Regardless, of the exact number it is well over 20-25% of Americans that have not been poisoned by these jabs.

Beyond the 25% control group, there are a HUGE number of people that received a single dose and have vowed to NEVER get another. There also appears to be an equally substantial number of people that only got the first dose because they were coerced into doing so who would also refuse further vaccination. While I have been unable to find any accurate numbers of people that fall into the one-and-done category, it is almost certainly a very substantial number of people.

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Finally, as more truth about the dangers of the COVID jabs continues to come out, there are many more people that feel betrayed and angry over having been lied to, manipulated, or coerced into getting jabbed. The Died Suddenly movie, Damar Hamlin, the endless parade of dead celebrities, and the constant headlines related to the death of children have woken many up to the truth that, if they received these jabs, they are potentially going to live their lives as ticking time-bombs. Again, I have no hard numbers on how many people fall into this category.

This leaves us with the reality that there is VERY likely 30%+ of the voting public that will fall into the “vaccine swing voter” demographic. Key to understanding why any of this matters is to recognize the motivations of these groups. The unvaxxed stood through job loss, name calling, the loss of family and friends, and much more to say no to these poisons. These people are angry about this nightmare and this issue WILL impact their voting. The coerced and the regretfully jabbed may be somewhat less motivated but will also strongly consider the vax issue in 2024. This means that a huge number of people that are very likely to vote because of the vax issue will also be voting ON the vax issue.

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If you look at Trump’s polling he is absolutely crushing it. His numbers are good enough that he may even be able to overcome cheating at the polls if he properly implements a canvassing/harvesting machine soon and properly preps for the inevitably necessary lawsuits. That said, I am of the belief that the one issue that could split his base and cost him the election is the vaccine.

Make no mistake, I support the Donald and admire all he did but we are not at Election Day yet and, when Primary and Election Days come, if Trump has not addressed the 800 pound gorilla in the room – the poison death jabs – I think a substantial number of people will have no choice but to truly question his judgement. I will be amongst them.

With Bobby Kennedy coming into the picture as a potential presidential candidate and more truth about the jabs coming out daily, I think this issue becomes even more crucial. Bobby is an incredibly charismatic guy and is spot-on in terms of recognizing the danger of vaccines and the general corruption of the medical-industrial complex. I do not know where he stands on issues beyond the jabs so I do not know if he can be competitive in the race, but he will definitely bring even more focus on the issue of the death jabs (something we all owe him a debt of gratitude for). This is and will continue to draw an even greater distinction between Trump’s position on the jabs and the position of that massive number of swing voters.

While I could analyze this for MANY more pages, I think the point simply boils down to this: if there is a single issue that could cost Trump the election it is the vaccine. Trump was right when he said that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his people would still support him, but I’m not sure that holds true if instead of him shooting someone his supporters are seeing their loved ones die from a a shot he won’t disavow.

I want to end this article with this a statement of position. I really admired what Trump did in his first term and think we the people owe him a great debt of gratitude for being the ONLY person willing to stand up to the swamp. I still like Trump and believe he is the right man for the job again. That said, I am a God, family, country guy and my support for him is because of that. I am not a fan – I’m a supporter and I don’t know him on a personal level. That said, I am uninterested in saying what he probably wants to hear, rather I am interested in saying what I believe to be right and what I believe is right is that the President is a great America, great leader, and strong human being but he has blown it on the jabs and needs to fix it. If he does he will unify his base and become unstoppable through the primaries and far stronger in the general election. If he doesn’t, I’ll let you know how I intend to vote when we get closer to the election.

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