Time for the CIA to Come Clean

I had the opportunity to speak with Bobby Kennedy recently. While I’ve spoken with him a number of times before, I want to share some thoughts and tie this into a larger issue.

First, let me begin by telling you a bit about my observations related to RFK Jr. Bobby is a very smart and charismatic guy – he’s exactly the type of person you would expect to be heir to the Kennedy name. He has also been a warrior on the vaccine issue since well before it was popular. Bobby, along with several others, realized the dangers of vaccines many years ago, and despite the unpopularity of their positions, stood for what was right over what was easy.

One of the areas that RFK has really spoken out about is the assassination of his uncle and father. He’s demonstrated real courage in calling out the CIA – the people that appear to be behind the murders. Think about this folks, this man is literally speaking out against the people he believed were nefarious enough to kill 2 of his own family members… most politicians won’t even talk about the dangers of vaccines or election fraud.

If we look at the issue, there are numerous substantial reasons to believe the CIA was involved with the murder of the Kennedys. Without rehashing the already well-documented evidence, the most recent discussions from RFK and Tucker Carlson provide a legitimate reason for us to ask questions. Those questions are bolstered by the same bizarre behavior by the people accused of covering up their organization’s involvement with murder – namely – instead of making the actual documents and evidence available to the public to demonstrate their innocence they call Kennedy, Tucker, and anyone else asking questions a “conspiracy theorist” while continuing to violate the law by refusing to release the documentation.

This goes back to the question I keep asking with no answer on COVID, the elections, and now the Kennedy assassination: why are they hiding things if they have nothing to hide?


The real answer to this question is that they do, in fact, have many things to hide. I, Tucker, Kennedy, and many others have made the accusation in good faith, it is now up to the other side to SHOW we are wrong. Showing we are wrong requires more than simply calling us conspiracy theorists while continuing to hide the evidence, it necessitates a true and transparent sharing of all evidence.

We have made the claim that our government – a government for, of and by the people reportedly – was involved in the murder of a PRESIDENT. There is ZERO justification for secrecy in this 60 years later, especially in light of the fact that we now have evidence the same people funded the creation of COVID. We are well past the point that deflecting by calling us conspiracy theorists is going to stand as an excuse – show us the documents.

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In light of the fact that the CIA is part of the executive branch, the President has exclusive control over secrecy classification, and that there is absolutely NO other real accountability by this group of unelected (and even unnamed) people, it is simply an anathema to our republic that the only response to these accusations, 60 years later, is to call it a conspiracy theory while hiding the documents. Does ANYONE actually think that the one elected person in the nation (the President – any president) that has any control over these people can actually keep up with all that they are doing?

We the people are tired of lies and this swamp of lies. Time to come clean and SHOW us just how innocent you are… unless you aren’t.

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