They Lied About Masks – Why Trust Them On The Jab?

Folks, we have been lied to more times than I can count and while our government is lying to us on every topic, from Jan 6, to the elections, to climate change, to CBDC, one of the best illustrations of the lies comes from the COVID realm. Masks, in particular have always been one of the most profoundly stupid lies in history and the only thing more shocking than scientists risking their reputations on this stupidity is the fact that so many believed it.

We were told that wearing a loose-fitting paper mask, that for many spent more time below their noses than above, was somehow going to stop an airborne respiratory virus from spreading. Seriously. Many believed, and some still seem to think, that wearing a piece of cloth or paper IN FRONT OF your mouth & nose is somehow going to stop infected air from entering your body despite being able to stick your finger in the gaps. The simple reality is that this was always absurd, and people were only willing to participate because of the fear that had been spread through other lies about COVID-19.

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The thing to understand is that the idea of masking was not something that had not been studied or understood prior to COVID. In fact, by midsummer of 2020 we had both new and historical data that clearly showed that masking was of zero benefit and came with a number of very real risks. This evidence was incredibly clear and my team (with the help of my dear friend Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) submitted the Evidence document to a federal court in late August/early September of 2020. That means that all of the cited data and studies were known PRIOR to September of 2020. Here is the document:

Evidence Attach B Masks921KB ∙ PDF FileDownload

The data in this document stands today and has only been bolstered. There were a couple of illegitimate attempts to justify masking since then, but those studies have been completely discredited. As science stands today, there are ZERO worth-while benefits to masking and a TON of downsides.

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This may lead you to the question, why is Renz talking about masks? They are not generally mandated anymore and very few people still wear them. Those things are true, but the importance of the mask lie is the fact that it was a very well-known lie when it occurred.

Today we see a number of states looking at the massive numbers of deaths from these mRNA gene therapy jabs and considering legislation to stop it. When they do, they are invariably being told by the lobbyists NO. That’s it, NO. And sadly, that is enough to stop most of the RINO leaders in these states (when is the hearing for the mRNA bill in Idaho? Oh, it still hasn’t been scheduled… hmmm).

Of equal or greater importance is the fact that parents are still giving their children these death jabs and will likely continue as all vaccines are transitioned to mRNA (which IS happening in the next 2-5 years). Parents are still believing the same medical-pharma establishment that lied to them about masking but now, are doing so on an issue that can result in sterile or dead children.

The underlying question is when is it wise to trust a known liar? If these people lied about masks, why would you believe them about the gene therapy jabs? Especially when they are telling you that mRNA GENE THERAPY products don’t effect your gene’s. The lies about the jabs are as dumb as the lies about the masks but we continue to trust the same liars. Why?

I urge you to read the evidentiary document that we submitted to the courts in September of 2020 and ask yourself if you would have followed the mask directives if you had known this (if it wasn’t censored). When you finish, ask yourself if you still think it is wise to trust the same people that told you those lies when it comes to mRNA products. I’m hoping the answer you come to is clear.

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