The Election and the Fight for Freedom

In case you haven’t noticed, we have an election coming up. We are being inundated with commercials and media on a level that has to be historic for a midterm and approximately 99% of it is garbage. Both sides promote lies and half-truths about their opponents and the people hearing this seem to have either become polarized or checked out. Despite this, and while I have zero love for either party, I have to say that this is NOT the time to check out and whether I like it or not, our best shot at freedom lies with the Republicans.

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This is not a “get out and vote” article. Rather, it is a get out and preserve our nation article. The Republicans largely suck but there are a number of very good candidates we have been able to push through the primaries regardless of McConnell’s best efforts. These candidates are not only viable, but putting up a great fight in places no one would think they had a chance. If we do not get out and support these fine people then we will lose what is left of the Republican Party and be left with socialists, communists, and RINOs (all three are largely indistinguishable).

For those that are unaware, the Republicans are at war with themselves. McConnell has pulled funding from most of the best Republican candidates because they are trying to “make America great again” rather than supporting his China first military-industrial corruption complex that is largely responsible for bringing us COVID, the war on Trump, and other such issues. Despite all this, we have to support the Republican Party where it is ethically feasible (I won’t sell my ethics) to provide a majority that will have to answer to the voters if they do not support our nation over the WEF, China, and Ukraine.

I do not see this as a “hold your nose and vote Republican” election, but rather another major step in retaking the Republican Party from corrupt uniparty turds currently running it. We HAVE to retake the majorities but then we the people will really need to step up. We MUST triple down on pressuring the Republicans that win to support REAL reform. If you’re a Republican it is a given that you are pro Second Amendment and pro life. What you better be ready to become is someone with a spine that is ready to fight real fights against enemies like big pharma, China, corruption in Ukraine, the WEF, election fraud, and DoD corruption. That happens when we the people are pushing like never before.

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General Flynn likes to say local action = national impact. He is right. We need thousands more poll watchers and after the GOOD Republicans are elected we need to spend an immense amount of time pushing the lousy ones to support their base. Our complacency is what got us here and only a massive and disciplined effort will save us from what is clearly becoming the most dangerous time in world history (doubt me – listen to the rumors of what could be a world war out of Ukraine and China, the gain-of-function work continuing on things like the Spanish Flu, monkeypox, Ebola, etc., the collapsing financial system/death of the dollar, etc.). The first step to the local action having a national impact in fighting for good candidates and against election fraud but that MUST be proceeded by an all-out [non-violent] war against uniparty corruption.

Many people that I have had the honor to become friends with have fought tirelessly to save our nation. This small group has put everything on the line to stand for we the people and it is time we say thank you by standing with them. Thanks largely to their efforts we still have a chance to save our nation and preserve freedom but ONLY if we all act. This Election Day please get out and vote Republican if it is ethically feasible (there are a few spots I ethically have to leave blank on my ballot), but after you vote, get ready for the real fight. I pray for our election, I pray for our fight, I pray for our future, and I pray for the United States of America.

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