RINOs, More Died Suddenly, the WHO Treaty is NOT Gone, Katie Hobbs – Crook?, Kanye, and Fighting Demons

It’s hard not to conclude that they’re neither with us nor for us, but rather, appear to be actively against us. This is not new but the REAL question is why we keep electing Republicans who aren’t any different, both at the state and at the federal levels.

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From a former pro football player-turned-actor to a virtue-signaling country musician on his wedding night to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s sidekick, the sudden deaths continued this week. Sadly, these deaths will not only continue but likely increase in coming years as long term side effects of the death jabs kick in… especially for those to blind to see what is happening and that continue to inject themselves with this poison.

With the government and Leftist media even admitting that almost 90% of COVID-19 deaths were over 65, why are the government and Big Pharma STILL gaslighting people into taking these toxic injections, which have already killed more people than COVID-19 itself? And why are they being pushed on infants, children, and young adults, who face statistically ZERO risk of dying from COVID-19?

Even major research universities have concluded that this is unethical. How can they continue to say that these injections are safe and effective, when they are neither? Indeed, even CDC Director Rachel Walensky has admitted that CDC lied about its safety monitoring program.

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The fight for justice and accountability is ongoing and it appears that several Republicans are really stepping up. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Ron Johnson are leading the pack on the Senate side of things. Paul appears committed to holding America’s Mengele, Dr Anthony Fauci, accountable for the hundreds of millions of cases worldwide that he caused by funding the gain-of-function research that created the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the first place, which led to millions of deaths from COVID-19, and the genejab clot shots that, so far, have killed at least tens of thousands more just here in America.

There’s also strong indication that rank-and-file citizens are waking up too. The percentage of sad souls that were defrauded taking previous shots are balking at getting the latest and greatest booster (the one tested on only 8 mice). Thankfully demand is way down while the demand for unvaxxed blood is way up.

The people behind COVID are already laying the groundwork for the next scamdemic, which sources are suggesting will be conveniently timed to gin up support for the WHO Pandemic Treaty and to interfere with the 2024 Presidential election. This is not confirmed but we have heard it from several sources and is worth noting.

In case you forgot about the WHO Treaty, don’t because globalists haven’t! They’ve been biding their time and continue to work on it outside the glare of the media spotlight, to have it ready just in time for the next big global health “crisis.” The Who Treaty is about control and I will be writing in coming weeks to lay out relationships between the efforts to control people via health, digital currency and digital ID.

Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Secretary of State, has been reported to have used her position to threaten a county to certify her stolen election. I don’t know how to characterize this other than criminal. This is not just a minor abuse of power, it is an outright totalitarian act. The Arizona election is now, absurdly, into its second month without a resolution. We have been threatening action against Trump for Jan. 6 for two years now while his texts and speech promoted peace. This crook threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with arrest and criminal indictment if they didn’t certify the election of…Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and the media is silent. Where is crooked Liz Cheney on this (oh yeah… leaving Congress… sorry, I should be better than that).

Kanye West (now apparently known as “Ye”) appears to be losing it. In just one week, he walked out of a podcast with Tim Poolcalled off plans to buy Parler, claimed that Kim had cheated on him, and virtually self-immolated with anti-Semitism on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show before ending up back in Twitter jail for tweeting a Star of David that had a swastika embedded in it. I’m not really sure what to say about all this. There simply is no excuse for Ye’s statements and I guess we just pray for him.

Speaking of prayer, as many of you know I’m of the belief that a lot of what we are seeing is a battle good vs. evil. It seems more people are starting to realize this and declare it publicly. This week Dolly Parton and former Disney star China McClain talked about aspects of this. I think we all need to start having the same conversations.

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