Renz Blog – Week of November 28, 2022

#IYKYK is more than just a hashtag. As Mattias Desmot told Tucker Carlson, about 35% of people are so firmly welded to the false narrative that COVID-19 “vaccines” are safe and effective that they won’t even LOOK at data that prove the jabs are neither safe nor effective, much less be swayed by them. Maybe they’ll notice the bodies piling up around them.

Fitness Trainer Eric Fleishman Dies Suddenly

Young Lady, 23, Drops Dead Dancing At Cousin’s Wedding

Tiantian Kullander, 30, Digital Asset and Finance Pioneer “Dies Suddenly”

Belarus Foreign Minister “Dies Suddenly” Before Meeting Russian Counterpart

Building Company Boss, 46, “Dies Suddenly” During $450MM City Project

And those are just today’s headlines. We pray for those who made the tragic decision to take an experimental gene therapy, but one has to wonder just how much longer people can keep denying what has been happening for a year now?

Rav Arora has done a great job documenting the risk of myocarditis alone posed by these clot shots to young men. It is unconscionable that the government hasn’t began a full investigation into the dangers posed by these shots starting with allowing public access to all collected data related to adverse events and death. Why wouldn’t transparency have bipartisan support?

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Speaking of the gene jabs, Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla was rebuked by a panel convened by the UK Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) for misleading the public on the benefits of its COVID-19 vaccine. Not surprisingly, all you’ll hear form the captive corporate media about this is crickets.

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Deposition testimony of Dr. Anthony Fauci last week in the case against the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) brought by Missouri AG Eric Schmitt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, Dr Fauci admitted that he lied about masks, pushing mask mandates despite knowing that they are ineffective at stopping transmission of an airborne upper respiratory virus (it is my opinion that he was lying about a lot more than that).

Moreover, Dr Fauci couldn’t cite a single study that indicated masks are effective for this purpose! This didn’t stop him, of course, from blaming Trump for China’s cover-up of the China virus that Fauci paid China to develop, using intermediary EcoHealth Alliance. ALLEGEDLY.

Speaking of China, Chinese stormtroopers are once again welding apartment building doors shut to prevent residents from joining the MASSIVE anti-lockdown protests. You might recall that China implemented the same policy in December 2019 in a vainglorious attempt at preventing the spread of COVID-19 within China, while they were simultaneously exporting the virus to Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

And lest you think that Big Medicine has realized the error of its ways and has reversed its head-long hurtle down a dead-end street, you’ve got another thing coming. Nope, they’re doubling down on cultural Marxism, as most top medical schools continue pushing racist Critical Race Theory on budding physicians.

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