President Donald Trump & the WEF Jabs

Approximately 3 years ago President Donald Trump, under the guidance of a number of liars and snakes, was misled into implementing Operation Warp-speed. He was told that we needed to pull out all the stops to develop a solution for this new and deadly pandemic that would destroy the world otherwise and so he did exactly what you would expect a leader like Trump to do – he empowered people to find a solution. The problem was that everyone around him was lying, COVID was never what they said it was, and the experimental gene-therapies that were called COVID vaccines were already planned for. Now, 3 years later, these poisonous deathjabs have: resulted in more death and chaos than could possibly be imagined, facilitated the died suddenly phenomenon, and are providing for a permanent global public health emergency (that is not really an emergency at all but rather an expected result).

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Before I go further with this article I feel it necessary to provide some context. I was and continue to be a supporter of many or most of Donald Trump’s policies. To my mind, given the levels of corruption he faced, I think he may have been one of the most important presidents in history. That said, given Trump’s candidacy for president, I do not want to hurt him politically in any way (not that I believe I have the capacity to do so) but I also cannot sacrifice my integrity by doing what the snakes and cowards around him are doing and simply blowing sunshine up his rear for a terrible position and decision. While I still support the Donald, my work is based on honesty, integrity, and being willing to say what most won’t so I’m going to do that here.

I will be sharing this with people that will help ensure the President sees it. My prayer is that everyone reading this shares it, posts it on social media, and tags the real president so he sees it.

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Mr. President,

I could not be more proud than I am to have supported you in 2016, through the lies and attacks that occurred during your presidency, and during the stolen 2020 election cycle. To my mind, you are the true President and much or most of what has occurred since the Whitehouse was stolen from you is a clear demonstration of why your enemies would work so hard to ensure you could no longer lead our nation. The CCP, the WEF, and others have corrupted the Democratic Party, control many of the RINOs that worked to undermine you, and are pushing hard to destroy America as it was founded with the weak and corrupt piece of human excrement they installed in your place. That said, those same people seem to be pushing you in to an untenable position and I do not see any way forward but for you to do what you have always done, come out swinging.

Your recent comments still supporting the “vaccines” are more than a little troubling for your base and many Americans that have woken up across the political spectrum. In light of Damar Hamlin, Died Suddenly, admissions by Pfizer that they never even did a study to confirm the jabs prevent transmission of COVID and that they do not know how they work to improve immune response, various admissions by the CDC, and the obvious problems occurring as a result of these “vaccines”, for you to still be advocating for them is beyond concerning.

The evidence of issues is overwhelming at this point and I simply do not see how your continued advocacy for a failed project is helpful. Given your platform, any political consultant with half a brain would have told you that speaking out against these jabs would facilitate you being a hero to millions of Americans and people around the world but that same person would also have told you that you would face the wrath of the WEF, CCP, and big pharma. You are and have always been a warrior so I find myself confused by your timidity in this matter.

It seems that there really are only a few explanations for your approach but ultimately, at the risk of offending a man that I have admired but who likely does not know I exist, I’m going to be blunt. ANY advisor around that is still advocating for you to avoid acknowledging the disaster that these “vaccines” are is either stupid beyond words or corrupt and, in either event, should be fired immediately. You do not need yes-men around you in this war, you need warriors.

I have publicly offered to do this in the past but understand if the message never reached you so I will do it again. If you would allow us an opportunity, I will fund bringing the top doctors and medical researchers in the world to brief you on the truth about these “vaccines” at your convenience and in a place of your choosing. I will share with you the evidence we have that demonstrates how you have been lied to and manipulated. And, most importantly, I will give you the real truth so that you can do what no other person on this planet could do – save hundreds of millions of lives by using your platform to promote truth.

A president has to deal with far more than one issue and so I still support you. It is my intent to use the very limited position I have to open the door for you to do the right thing and, in the process, demonstrate that you really are willing to do what is right over what is easy – again, as you have so many times.

Ultimately Mr. President I ask you this, why not? I am going to share this with people that I absolutely know will put it in front of you. You will be aware of this offer. All we are asking is that you hear us out. There is no threat, I will likely continue to support you either way (I am aware that my support is not that big of a deal to you). That said, I reiterate, why would you refuse an offer to educate yourself about this? If we are right and you do the right thing you save hundreds of millions of lives. If we are wrong you wasted a few hours but demonstrated your willingness to hear out the best and brightest medical minds before continuing to promote a controversial (at best) product.

There is zero downside to this for you and the only follow-up I will ask would be why you would refuse to listen.


Thomas Renz

Dad, Husband, MAGA Supporter, Attorney, Patriot

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