MRNA – it’s a Gene Therapy & They Knew It

I’m completely done with the discussion on this issue. There is no discussion. MRNA is a gene therapy product and the only reason anyone is questioning this is because big pharma paid off enough scientists to lie about this being a question. Pfizer, Moderna, and many other big pharma gangsters have acknowledged this in the past but Google has done everything possible to scrub it from the internet. While I have an immense amount of documentation on this from various sources I’m going to focus this article on a single Moderna document that I think provides enough evidence, on it’s own, to end this “dispute” which would not even exist if the corrupt media and fact checkers were not bought off by the same money as the corrupt scientists.

Let me start by providing a copy of the Moderna 10k SEC filing that was provided to the SEC in March of 2019. Here it is:

Moderna 10k 2019 Sec Filing3.5MB ∙ PDF FileDownload

This is a lengthy document and not a fun read but starting on page 147 you will see a legally mandated discussion of “risk factors” to the company.

Let’s fast forward to pages 148 and 149. I’ll let the following excerpt speak for itself:

No mRNA drug has been approved in this new potential class of medicines, and may never be approved as a result of efforts by others or us. mRNA drug development has substantial clinical development and regulatory risks due to the novel and unprecedented nature of this new class of medicines.

As a potential new class of medicines, no mRNA medicines have been approved to date by the FDA or other regulatory agency… Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.

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This same section then goes on to attempt to differentiate mRNA gene therapy from others by suggesting that the gene alterations are designed not to be permanent, but the document recognizes throughout that this is an untested product and no one really has any idea what it will do. Before I discuss this allow me to also include this from page 156:

Some of our investigational medicines are classified as gene therapies by the FDA and the EMA, and the FDA has indicated that our investigational medicines will be reviewed within its Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, or CBER. Even though our mRNA investigational medicines are designed to have a different mechanism of action from gene therapies, the association of our investigational medicines with gene therapies could result in increased regulatory burdens, impair the reputation of our investigational medicines, or negatively impact our platform or our business.

There have been few approvals of gene therapy products in the United States or foreign jurisdictions, and there have been well-reported significant adverse events associated with their testing and use. Gene therapy products have the effect of introducing new DNA and potentially irreversibly changing the DNA in a cell. In contrast, mRNA is highly UNLIKELY [emphasis added] to localize to the nucleus…

In the EU, mRNA has been characterized as a Gene Therapy Medicinal Product.

Here again note that mRNA is a gene therapy that is “highly unlikely” to localize in the nucleus but untested and is again recognized as a gene therapy medicinal product (NOT A VACCINE).

The risk factors to Moderna discussed throughout this document are shocking and most of the biggest come down to the risk of developing and getting approval for a new category of drug that has the potential to permanently alter your DNA and is already considered a gene therapy. The actual development cycle for this type of drug would be in the vicinity of 10-20 years and that is for good reason. The idea of putting something in your body that could permanently change the building blocks of your humanity (your DNA) is a very big deal and exceedingly complex but… but… let’s not overlook the fact that Fauci and others were involved with Moderna and likely receiving royalty payments. This was the key to what occurred.

I would propose the following. The WEF and big pharma have been exceedingly keen on promoting gene therapies for many years. MRNA was a vehicle to accomplishing this goal. No one wanted these products, but the globalists wanted to sell them because they saw HUGE money in this (and possibly a vehical to accomplish many far more nefarious purposes). I’ll leave a full conversation on the motivations for this to another article but believe that the promotion of a relatively mild disease (COVID was overhyped and but for the constant misdiagnosis due to financial incentives and the denial of early treatment would have resulted in a case fatality rate that may have been lower than the yearly flu) as the end of the world was done to provide cover for corrupt officials using “emergency law” to bypass proper safety protocols.

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Debra Birx has repeatedly admitted to lying to Trump about everything COVID and there is little doubt Fauci and the rest did the same. Trump was a brilliant leader but not a scientist and leaders have to rely on their support staff. He did but the staff was corrupt and promoted the idea of “Operation Warp Speed” so they could “work their tails off” and push out these experimental shots that ended up being death jabs. This was an incredible set-up as it put the same corrupt bureaucrats in a position where they and big pharma could then try and blame Trump for the inevitable failures and deaths caused by pushing a rushed gene therapy product to the market without any real proof of what it would do (though our evidence suggests they knew a LOT more about the dangers of these products than has been publicly disclosed at this point).

Regardless of my speculation about the greater plan or purpose, there is ZERO question that these jabs are and were always a gene therapy. Despite a corrupt media and bunch of bought off scientists changing their tune after receiving big checks, Moderna explicitly acknowledged this fact. Pfizer and others have done the same in other paperwork I have (I’ll save that for another Substack).

If you received these shots thinking they were vaccines, you were lied to. It is just that simple and the problems you are or will have from them are a direct result of what appears to have been an incredibly complex and corrupt plan to push this new and untested category of drugs onto the global public – regardless of the costs to life and safety.

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