mRNA IS in Food – There’s ONLY 1 Way to Stop This

Bad news – the big pharma complex wants to hide vaccines in your food including these mRNA poisons. Good news – Missouri HB1169 could stop this. Best news – other states are considering similar bills to protect the food supply (BTW – I will help ANY state to get this done). With that…

I want to begin this article with some background. First of all, yes, vaccines can be made transmissible through food. Second, mRNA IS in the food supply already. Third, it appears the vaccines may, in fact, actually alter your DNA permanently. And Fourth, regardless of whether the mRNA in the food supply or that which is about to be authorized for the food supply is transmissible, we have no way of know it is safe unless you want to trust the same people that told you the COVID jabs were safe and effective (despite the fact that they did not test to determine if the jabs prevented transmission and have admitted they do not understand the immune response mechanism).

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Given the massive holes in our knowledge gaps and the number of lies regarding the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines it is difficult to know or trust that meat treated with these vaccines is safe. Remember Fauci and crew telling us this was a “crisis of the unvaxxed” and that the hospitals were filled to capacity with 90%+ of the patients being unvaxxed? That while he had the DoD data from Project Salus showing the exact opposite.

While I will not suggest anyone should simply “trust what I’m saying” I will tell you that in numerous conversations with scientists investigating the issue, I am consistently hearing that when they test, they are finding mRNA in the food supply already. In fact, within the last week I was shown data and microscopy demonstrating this to be true (I saw the images of the microscopy myself). These are not public (to my knowledge) but I hope to share the information as it becomes available to publicly disseminate.

Despite the immense evidence of mRNA already being in the food supply, I’m certain the pro-vax crew will try. That said, it simply cannot be denied that there are an immense number of gene therapy vaccines under development for use in food in the immediate future. Further, as shown above, the manufacturers of these gene altering poisons are also creating plants with transmissible vaccines. A fundamental issue facing the public in this is that this new capacity to create ingestible vaccines that potentially alter our genetics is that the law is woefully inadequate to deal with this technology.

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The law governing gene altering food was written before the capacity to reprogram peoples’ genome with food was possible, so it simply did not address it. There are considerable loopholes and legitimate questions about disclosure. Further, given the corruption we are seeing in the federal government (especially related to the world of big pharma), it would seem to be unwise to trust them for enforcement.

All this leads to Missouri HB1169 – the only solution to the issue we have at the moment. State Representative Holly Jones has sponsored HB1169 and I think the response really tells us how important it is to pass. The bill, as introduced, did three things:

  1. It required disclosure if any product was going to modify your genetics or act as a gene therapy product (this included food);
  2. It allowed people request information about how any gene therapy products could be spread or transmitted to others that had not consented to taking it; and
  3. It required fully informed consent (all risks and benefits including adverse events of special interest) prior to someone being given any medical intervention or gene therapy product.

This simple bill was about 2 pages long and easy enough to read that anyone could understand it. Despite these very simple goals, the elected officials of Missouri were quite split on the bill. The most surprising objections came from Republicans that claimed (incorrectly) that it would cause problems for farmers and ranchers.

You are welcome to read through my Twitter profile if you’d like to further rehash the nonsense related to this bill and my response but ultimately Rep Jones and the other officials working with her to promote this bill decided to restructure a bit to address the complaints (which were simply regurgitations of the talking points given by the lobbyists – most of whom have direct ties to big pharma and Bill Gates/CCP factory farms).

The text of the updated bill is here:

1169 Committee Sub34.9KB ∙ PDF FileDownload

The updated language specifically excludes farmers and ranchers from the disclosure requirements while ensuring that food buyers are going to be informed if the food is a gene therapy or medical intervention. Specifically, you will see the following clause on page 2 of this 1.5 page bill:

Farmers and ranchers not in the business of creating or engineering gene therapy products or products intended to or known to alter a person’s genome more substantially than natural food are exempt from the provisions of this section.

I received a number of questions about this and thought we should explain it. This section allows small farmers and ranchers that are given GMO products to know that they must be informed if the product they are using is going to turn their plants/animals into a drug or intervention. They can still choose to purchase or use the product and resellers would be responsible for informing consumers in that scenario.

This is very important for small farmers and ranchers. As it stands, the small farmers and ranchers may be buying the “best seed” or “best livestock” but that product could potentially act as a gene therapy and the farmer/rancher may never know. This would mean that if these new gene therapy products end up causing cancer 10 years from now the small farmers could be liable for putting this out without even realizing they are doing it. Passage of this law would allow the famers/ranchers to decide whether they want to use such products and would ensure the consumer knew what they were buying which would help protect the farmers/ranchers from lawsuits.

A number of trade associations claiming to care about farmers and ranchers are telling people that this is somehow a bad thing. The new language in the bill specifically creates exemptions for the farmers and ranchers so there should no longer be any objection to the law unless these guys are actually not truly representing the farmers/ranchers and rather, are simply looking out for their funders (Bayer, Merck, etc.). You see the HUGE factory farms are all owned by Bill Gates, CCP contolled companies, or massive corporations controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard, etc. All these groups also have interests in big pharma, and this is a way to pad their pockets on multiple investments with a single move (gene therapies in food).

The bill still requires disclosure (with the farmer/rancher exemption) and still requires fully informed consent. It also, per the request of some GOP holdouts, includes a criminal charge for failing to provide informed consent. To move this bill forward the Representatives pushing this had no choice but to drop the transmissibility disclosure but the bill is still a major step in the right direction.

Ultimately this bill is now 1.5 pages long and literally has nothing to object to unless you oppose informed consent. This bill is incredibly easy to read, reduces the risk of lawsuits against farmers and ranchers, and ensures people will know if what they are going to eat will alter their genetic makeup. What is there to oppose? More importantly, if no one is putting gene therapies or other medical interventions in food why would ANYONE oppose this?

The only question now is whether the Republican majority in Missouri will stand with the people or Bayer and other big pharma/big money lobbyists. The committee vote is on Wednesday and we need EVERYONE to call and email the people on the list at the top of this article and tell them you want to know what is in your food supply.

BTW – below is the bill in case you have any issues with the pdf above.

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