More Died Suddenly, the Griner Debacle, More Twitter & TwitterFiles2.0, and State Department Censorship Exposed

From women working out in Ecuador to an NBA announcer in Atlanta, to a police chief’s son, people worldwide are STILL “dying suddenly.” What most people fail to understand is that by taking the jab, not only have they taken a gene therapy, but they’re also ticking time bombs. Sadly, the total death count from the clot shots will only increase over time. Fortunately, some of the deaths are leading to people waking up. Hopefully, this trend continues and people stop taking these injections, which not only don’t work, but might end up killing you. It’s high time to hold those responsible accountable.

Speaking of time, and time served, the Biden Administration just flipped off patriotic Americans with both hands again this week, exchanging an admitted dope-smoking basketball player, who had served four months of a 9-year sentence, for perhaps the world’s deadliest arms dealer, who has American blood on his hands, while leaving behind Marine Paul Whelan, who has been unjustly imprisoned in a Russian penal colony for FOUR YEARS!

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Somebody got smoked in that deal, and it wasn’t Russia. Once again, Biden has made a laughingstock of the United States. And it wasn’t simply poor negotiating on the part of the Biden Administration. No, this was planned, to push the insidious, invidious, insufferable “woke agenda.” Take a look at Nancy Pelosi crowing how the basketball player and “her” “wife” can celebrate “the Holidays” without worrying if their “marriage” is protected… no word on Pelosi’s thoughts about Paul Whelan’s family.

With this latest treachery, the Biden Administration has proven that we are correct to call it “Obama 3.0.” Readers will recall that Obama traded five terrorists detained in Guantanamo (four of whom immediately assumed leadership positions in the Taliban fighting American forces in Afghanistan) for America-hating deserter and possible traitor Bowe Bergdahl. Another instance of Democrats looking for ways to push their false agenda and at the same time undermine America’s standing in the world.

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Elon Musk went hard in the paint this week. After last week’s release of the first tranche of the Twitter Papers, Elon learned on Sunday that corrupt former FBI General Counsel (and Twitter Deputy General Counsel) James Baker scrubbed the information given to Matt Taibbi of anything that showed FBI’s involvement in censoring Twitter users. Elon reported that Baker was “exited” from Twitter HQ on Monday after providing an “unconvincing” explanation of his actions.

Part Deux of the Twitter Papers, released by Bari Weiss, has shown that we were correct when we accused Twitter of shadowbanning conservatives. Apparently, Twitter was shadowbanning political candidates too.

Not surprisingly, facts don’t deter inveterate liars like Adam Schiff, but perhaps Elon will. Schiff defamed Twitter this week by spewing a raft of phony statistics to push his latest lie, that Twitter is nothing but hate speech since Elon bought it, and Elon shut him down (and shut him up) with one, savage reply tweet. I’m still not certain what I think about Elon but this was so satisfying.

Finally, also revealed this week, by the lawsuit brought against the Biden Administration by the Attorneys General of Louisiana and Missouri that the State Department was funding online fact-checkers via the Global Engagement Center, whose job was to censor facts inconvenient to the Administration. (You might remember that the Global Engagement Center was created as part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that Obama rammed through Congress literally in the middle of the night, after previously ramming through the Smith-Mundt Repeal Act as part of the 2012 NDAA, also in the middle of the night, thus enabling the government to propagandize American citizens on American soil).

If the facts of this are as they appear, then the State Department is knowingly and intentionally violating the First Amendment. I cannot overstate the profundity of that statement, nor can I over-emphasize the moral, ethical, and [probably] legal obligation the DOJ and Congress would have to stop this if they weren’t equally corrupt. It’s time for we the people to retake our corrupt nation before it is too late in every peaceful way possible.

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