Lawfare for Freedom – Why Do We Keep Talking About Waking People Up?

This article is completely inspired by interactions I’ve been having on Twitter and Truth Social over the past few weeks. One of the questions I keep getting from people is why do you keep talking about waking people up? This is a fair question and critical for people to understand.

For the past three years I have waged what I would affectionately refer to as lawfare. I’ve defined lawfare as a combination of legal work, public outreach/education (PR), and political pressure. The strategy is very circular with each side of the legal/political/PR triangle being of equal importance. The fight in the courts is always done per the ethical rules and guidelines and used to promote truth and ensure the actual law is followed; the political fight is how we facilitate change as was the design of our founding fathers; and the PR aspect of the fight is the mechanism by which we create political pressure that provides credibility in the courts (if no one hears the truth it can seem like a crazy thing) and forces the many otherwise corrupt politicians to do something.

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As an attorney I have been very active in the courts and will continue to do so. That was phase 1 of lawfare and is ongoing, but we are now really pushing phase 2 which is the PR or awakening aspect of the fight. This is where we educate the public to the truth that is being denied. Our nation was founded on and based on being governed by “we the people” and so this part of the fight is critical.

One of the questions I see frequently is “if what these guys are doing is already illegal why don’t they just arrest them… who cares about waking people up?” The answer to this is critical. In short, the prosecutors (and even some judges) are elected or politically appointed. While I would argue that it is unethical and probably illegal, most of these people will look the other way on politically difficult questions. This means that the odds of corrupt politicians getting arrested is low.

The follow-up question is “why don’t we just fire these corrupt prosecutors/judges/etc?” Well, unless we the people step in politically who will do that? The corrupt politicians are simply not going to fire the corrupt prosecutors that are looking the other way and protecting the corrupt system. The system is a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating system of corruption that is designed to protect itself. Our government was built with three separate branches of government so that if one became corrupted the others could step in but we are now at the point that there is corruption in all three and so the protections built to stop corruption now preserve it.

The only path forward is to strike back at the corruption in all three branches. If we only strike one, the other two will retaliate to preserve the corruption in the same way they were originally designed to stop it. We also have to take steps to ensure those fighting the corruption cannot be easily neutralized.

The only thing the corrupt tyrants fear is we the people. Ultimately, if 300 million Americans demand change the crooks in DC cannot fight that. This same truth would apply if even 100 million Americans truly DEMANDED change. Unfortunately, at this point, I doubt we even have 5 million that are fully awake; remember, supporting Trump does NOT mean you are awake – rather it just means that understand he’s better than the alternative.

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To ensure we can actually fight back we need to shine the light of truth on the corruption in our nation. When we look at the sanctions and attacks on attorneys fighting against election fraud, we can see why this is so important. Every time an attorney files an election case a group of crooked leftist Democrat operative attorneys pushes for sanctions. These are frequently being granted under questionable circumstances by judges that find it far more politically palatable to dismiss these cases than to look at the terrifying reality of what is happening. If the truth about election fraud became mainstream the corrupt lawyers and questionable judges would have a much harder time explaining why they are ignoring the law and facts of these cases.

If you doubt me look at what we have done in the realm of COVID litigation and law. When I started filing suits, regardless of how well-cited they were and how solid the legal basis for the case was they were viewed as not credible because the courts simply followed the corrupt “experts” from the government. Over time, we have continued to educate the public and people have pushed and demanded that the truth be told. This lead to small victories in court and small political victories. Those small victories are becoming larger and larger and, if we stay the course, they will eventually ensure the real truth about this corruption comes out. When that happens, the global public will demand accountability and even the corrupt politicians will have no choice but to take steps.

My point is that the corruption is multifaceted and requires a multifaceted approach to counter. Key to that counter is support from the people. Fighting corruption is difficult, dangerous, and expensive. It requires immense effort, time, and resources. It also requires the courage to fight against massive PR campaigns where well-funded anti-freedom groups attack the warriors that would destroy their corrupt enterprises legally, politically, and with public lies.

The bad guys don’t like us because we know what they do and we are turning their tactics on them. This will not be a quick victory but we either fight or lose our freedom. There is no other option.

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