Justice – Accountability is Coming for All Things COVID

In my last article I asked what would be done about the creation of SARS-COV2. That article (read here) focused on political and public aspects of the question. I have and will continue to offer – for free – my assistance to any elected official that credibly wants to fight this but here am going to answer my own question on the private side of things. The answer to who and what will be done about the death and carnage released on the people of the world is that we the people will do things like this: Renz Files Lawsuit on the Creation of SARS-COV2, and we will keep doing it until there is real accountability.

Let me begin this by telling you a bit about the case. First, please understand that this is a real lawsuit and so it must be treated with respect. My ability to comment on it is limited and it is far too important for us to fail to be careful. That said, we have filed this case in a state court in New York and it lists a handful of defendants that we allege were responsible for creating the disease that has, according to the WHO, killed over 6.5 million people globally. We also list “John and Jane Doe” because it may well be that as the case progresses there will be other “necessary defendants” that we will add to the lawsuit.

Within the complaint we discuss the creation of the disease and the injuries it created in our plaintiffs. We then talk about the legal mechanisms (counts) by which we are basing the case. Even though we have not really publicized this much yet, I am already getting a lot of questions. I am glad the case is resonating and hope people keep asking. While I cannot answer most of the questions because it would disclose legal strategy, I can tell you that I have been working on this case for months and we have a TON of reasons for everything we did. No one knows what will happen when you file a suit like this but my team (thank you MAFA, Patty, and others) and I have done EVERYTHING we could to research every detail and ensure there are no holes in the larger litigation strategy.

In terms of the accountability, please know that this is only the first step. On a personal level I do not know that I will ever fully recover from the hundreds or thousands of people I spoke to, begging for help, that ended up dying or losing loved ones because I simply could not make more time in the day. For my part, this simply cannot end until there is accountability for all involved and I have many more things I’m working on to ensure it. With that said, please understand that I am one person, with a small team, very limited funding, and cannot make more time in the day so this will not happen tomorrow. I pray frequently for strength to continue the fight and that God keeps me from deviating from the path (I would be honored by prayers from anyone reading this that is inclined to provide them).

At the end of the day, the crime that was and is COVID-19 will be revealed. We will win this fight and there will be accountability. There will be accountability for the disease, the hospital murders, the jabs, the lockdowns, and everything else and we will do everything we can to ensure that EVERY single person that profited from this crime against humanity pays the price.

I end this article with this: for all of you that have made the trillions of dollars off of the death and carnage that is COVID in ANY sort of corrupt way, know this, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but we the people are coming for you. We will not deviate from our peaceful path towards accountability and you WILL be held accountable. So enjoy your ill-gotten wealth for today but make sure you NEVER stop looking over your shoulders because the millions dead demand accountability and whether from me or my betters, you will pay.

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