I Support Patriots – Do You?

This is a short vent I wanted to share with you all about reporting on truth. From the beginning of this fight I have worked tirelessly to ensure that everything I share publicly is accurate and verified. When I have questions about the veracity I share it and when I find out I made a mistake I own it. All that said, I am going to vent here a bit.

The mainstream media has made it their job to lie and mislead everyone about everything good for America or freedom. They lie intentionally and with purpose (take a look at the Twitter Files for a good public example). I have seen them make up stories about myself and others with zero basis in fact or even reality. Despite this, no one on the left attacks their own about the nonsense they espouse. Rather they circle the wagons and continue to push the lie until no one cares anymore.

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I’m not suggesting we do the same. We do need to hold ourselves accountable to truth and put effort in to being honest. That said, the entirety of the other side spends untold resources covering up the truth and I find it appalling when we attack our own over minor mistakes made in good faith. If you give the real press (the people trying to report truth) the same resources as the mainstream media you could argue stronger against minor mistakes made in good faith, but given the resources available for our side it is remarkable how few errors we make.

My annoyance at the attacks on ourselves is expanded logarithmically when it comes to nitpicking about scientific nuance or extraneous details reported by our media or other non-scientists. To avoid pointing to anyone, I’ll use myself for an example. I understand much of the science (not all of it) quite well and research endlessly. Across the board I have made very few errors, even minor errors, but have had a couple of people try and rip me when I did. My response is… well, it’s not appropriate to include here.

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I am not afraid of the big bad media, I am not afraid of the crooked politicians or globalists I’m fighting, and I am certainly not going to throw myself to their mercy if I make an error in good faith. Rather, I’m going respond by recognizing my error, pointing out about 100 errors the other side has made, and explicitly pointing out the hypocrisy. This is more difficult when it comes from someone on our own side because I’m left with allowing myself to be attacked by someone from the same team or discrediting someone from the same team – neither of which are good.

God has gifted me with a very sharp tongue when I choose to use it, but using it against our own seems distasteful. For my part, I intend to support the people on our side that are fighting the good fight. I’ll listen to all perspectives but will only move forward with what I personally understand and can argue. That said, if I find I am wrong I’m happy to admit it and correct the record. Further, I’ll keep my attacks focused on the enemies of freedom… not teammates taking a different approach.

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