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I want to open up with an apology. It has been too long between columns but I have been busy and that is the topic of this column.

We are working hard on assisting in legislation in several places, developing strategies for introducing legislation in more states, working on advancing existing lawsuits, fighting other legal actions, and developing more. This week I was in court on Monday and Tuesday and had to prepare for it last week. We had an additional meeting with the court on Wednesday and today I was honored to speak in Columbus at the state capital on House Bill 163 (see the pic above).

The court work has been very interesting this week and I look forward to sharing more about it as soon as possible. In terms of immediate priorities, my next step is work on legislation. There are several opportunities to provide bills to a number of courageous state reps/senators that will sponsor them. There are also bills like Ohio HB163 that we need to support and push for passage. We the people are waking up so it is important to use this momentum to push for laws that will help stop the tyrannical takeover of our nation.

The legislative process is an interesting one. The standard process (sadly) at this point for controversial bills is:

  1. Come up with an idea for needed law
    1. At this point that generally comes from lobbyists representing big companies or special interests that want laws to promote their own agendas;
  2. Reach out to stakeholders that will provide expert opinion or have access to people to support the upcoming bill;
    1. In the current corrupt process this is generally where the various lobbyists are consulted that will make sure all the language is acceptable to their interests (not the peoples’ interests) and that there will be sufficient support from future campaign donors to ensure there is a benefit worth the political capital that will be spent to promote the bill. The more political capital that has to be spent to push for the bill the more the elected officials generally want to push it.
  3. Once input is given from the people that actually control things (the lobbyists), the general structure of the bill will be sent for drafting and draft language of the bill will be sent back to the elected officials.
  4. The sponsors of the bill and other key people will circulate the language amongst party leadership (if they are not already involved) and the lobbyists. Everyone will work together to determine if the language is “acceptable” and then modify as necessary to ensure support from party leadership which is mostly determined by the lobbyists (yes – this is true for both parties).
  5. As final language is agreed upon, the lobbyists and the politicians involved will work on finalizing the “hook”. The hook is the public explanation for the bill, ie why they “must support this very important legislation” that may or may not do what they claim it will.
  6. From this point on the groundwork and approach are generally set and who is going to support or oppose the bill is pretty well known. A show is made of negotiating final points but these point will generally be on the periphery of the core aspects of the bill and really have little impact.
  7. Everything after this is based on public support or opposition. The lobbyists will know that the greater the opposition the more it will “cost” them to get the bill passed (though public opposition is NOT an obstacle if there is enough money backing the bill). The game then moves to whether or not the bill has enough financial support from the lobbyists to move it or kill it. Good bills can be killed if the process was not followed and there is enough money to oppose it and bad bills can be passed despite public opposition if the right people will see enough benefit in campaign contributions or “investments” in their districts.


Understand that this is a general overview and certainly not the only way bills are passed. That said, it IS the general process to successfully pass legislation that actually has an impact. It is also critical to understand that not every elected official plays this game. Some refuse to participate and nearly everyone on the planet can identify the few that don’t because they are constantly excoriated in the press.

The leadership of both parties participates in this game. If they don’t all the money goes to the other party in the next election cycle. The movement of money does not mean a direct donation and is very difficult to track. Support is frequently based on “favors” that cannot be tracked or proven on paper. For example, Mitch McConnell sold out entirely to big pharma and, coincidentally, Pfizer donated $1 million dollars to the GOP building fund in Kentucky. Understand that most donations like this are illegal in Kentucky but if you sell out in the way McConnell has the corporate masters find a way to reward you. You can read about this here but it is important to know that the donation to the GOP building fund is a loophole in Kentucky law that would normally ban these kinds of buy-offs. This acts to allow McConnell to grease the wheels of the people in his district/state by ensuring he can have his supporters hired to add on to the GOP headquarters that is named after him… this all ends up being a pretty good deal for him but is not illegal (though I’d say is completely unethical).

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Sweetheart deals and hidden donations are what make the political world go around. I would literally need to write a book to cover even a small fraction of the ways this is done. We really need to get the money out of politics but I assure you there is ZERO chance of that happening.

This leads us to another point that I am going to touch on far more briefly than it deserves – the role of censorship. Controlling the media lowers the cost of pushing legislation. If the public opposes legislation less or even supports it then the cost of passing it is lower. This benefits the big money that controls our government and can have a tremendous impact at the national level which is why so much is being done to take control of the media. Understand that media is now controlled by the same money as the politicians because the investment in one benefits the investors in both. Much like the politicians, you can tell the media that does not participate in the corruption because they are attacked, ostracized, and thrown out of the mainstream as quickly as possible (even Tucker Carlson).

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So where does this leave us? The answer is that we are now in a position where we truly see the intersection of law, politics, public relations (Lawfare as I say) and economics. We the people still have a substantial influence and when we stand together we can and frequently do drive the cost of pushing bad legislation so high that the legislation is stopped. On the flip side of the same coin, we the people sometimes demand legislation so loudly that the cost of opposing it becomes to high to stop it. The key in both respects is we the people.

Finally, I want to point out the most overlooked aspect of this – involvement by people that cannot be corrupted. When incorruptible people get involved in the game, as politicians, within the parties, or in alternative media, they skew the field. When we the people hear about the corruption or when an honest politician or party leader stands for something it shifts the field. It can drive the price of corruption so high in such a precise way that we can actually have an impact. This is why we need more good people to get involved in the parties and/or as elected officials. Even a local or state official can have a MASSIVE impact if they have the courage and WISDOM to recognize what is happening and to stand on principle. It would only take a small group of honest people that shared ALL of the truth to activate our nation in a way that would turn it around. There is so much validity to the idea that if you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

We the people CAN take our country back but it is a tough fight. It requires that we find leaders that will be wise and willing to stand against corruption. If people step up, we can beat back the rotten core of corruption that is permeating our nation. If we do not, I shudder to think of our children’s future. I will stand and pray others will stand with me.

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