Free Speech, Ye, More Jabs More Death, Media Corruption, and Stolen Elections

Elon let loose the Kraken and it was glorious! The initial drop of the “Twitter Papers” was posted by Matt Taibbi on Friday night and every single thing we’ve been saying for the last three years was proven to be true. Lauren Boebert put it best: “Elon Musk bought a crime scene and is releasing receipts.”

And foremost among the things we knew were true that the media said weren’t, but now have been proven to be true after all? That FBI and DNC colluded with Twitter to influence the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.

Actor James Woods was incensed to learn that it was the DNC that got his Twitter account suspended in 2020 and he indicated that he may be suing for damages. He even offered to be lead plaintiff, if Elon would fund a class-action lawsuit. And the Democrats? The Democrats want more censorship. But the best part? Elon says that more smoking guns are coming…and that he’s not suicidal.

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But as much as we love that Elon is pulling back the curtain on all of Twitter’s corruption and all the media collusion that enabled Joe Biden to steal the Oval Office, much more important is one one of the unheralded, but potentially life-saving, moves Elon has made at Twitter is to start cracking down on those who have been using the site to traffic children. Maybe this is why some are portraying him as a bad guy?

Speaking of bad guys, the Ye formerly known as Kanye West was once revered by the popular culture and then reviled by them when he supported Donald Trump. But now it seems that not only has he lost the plot, but seems to be suffering from some serious mental issues. First he spouted some virulently anti-Semitic tropes and now he’s claiming that Elon is a half-Chinese genetic hybrid? Or is Ye just trolling everybody in hopes of…who knows?

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If you still doubt that the media lie in order to advance the Democrat political agenda, consider that the New York Times lied again on Sunday, claiming that Hunter’s laptop had been stolen. I must say, it’s not just how much and how often the media lie that shocks me, it’s how brazenly they lie. Almost as if they’re daring us to call them out on it. Well, OK, NYT; I’m calling you out on it.

And when they aren’t lying, they’re exposing their own racism. Just this morning, Mika Brzezinski, who was one of the chief gaslighters telling people that John Fetterman was just fine, said of Republican Herschel Walker that “intellectually he’s clearly not even remotely close to being up for the job, completely unfit” to serve in the United States Senate. Let that sink in. A man who makes Joe Biden look like a Distinguished Toastmaster is perfectly suited to serve in the Senate, but someone who doesn’t hate America isn’t?

And the beat goes on. 30-year old mom dies going for a jog; 22-year old rugby player collapses after a match. Fortunately, the rugger survived, but his playing career is likely over, as myocarditis often leaves permanent heart damage.

Not surprising to those of us who have noticed both the bodies piling up and the studies piling up, all showing that the jabs can both impair your immune system function and increase the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. Still, I take no pleasure whatsoever in being right about these injections. We did our best to warn people; all we can do now is try and hold those responsible for this carnage accountable.

Meanwhile, Science (which proceeds slowly and surely) is disproving the lies told by those who claimed to be moving “at the speed of science” when, in fact, they were simply ignoring science. Not on masks and most especially not on the genejabs.

It has been well-known for almost two years now that the jabs are dangerous for pregnant women. But it’s not just taking the jab that’s dangerous. As Pfizer’s own safety protocol indicated, not only is coming into contact with someone who has been jabbed potentially dangerous for pregnant women and their babies, merely coming into contact with someone who has come into contact with someone who has been jabbed is risky.

Not surprisingly, the Left continues to go full-Alinsky to force their ungodly agenda on America. They have thoroughly corrupted both the executive, legislative, and now, apparently, judicial branches of government and are using lawfare not only to steal elections, but to provide top-cover for the thieves.

Katie Hobbs was the biggest thief on November 8th and now we know, in part, how she did it: colluding with Twitter to muzzle her opponent, Kari Lake, then having her deputy threaten to criminally prosecute the Mohave County Board of Supervisors if they didn’t certify Katie as the “winner.”

And if you DARE have the temerity to march on the Capitol to petition your government for redress of grievances? Why you end up a political prisoner held without bail in America’s Black Hole of Calcutta, where racist guards will physically and psychologically torture you, even to the point of suicide.

Meanwhile, it is important for everyone to educate themselves on what exactly happened…and didn’t happen…on January 6th, 2021. And why haven’t we heard what happened with the “attempted pipe bombings” the night before? We can never again allow the Democrat-Media-Insurrection Complex to run another color revolution and subvert our elections.

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