Eat Your Vaccines!… I Mean Vegetables!

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I have been talking about gene therapy vaccines being introduced into the food supply without providing people informed consent on my Twitter account (@RenzTom) as well as pushing Missouri HB1169 which is our best bet of stopping this happening. This is a nightmare scenario whereby people’s genetics are potentially altered with “factory foods” without them even knowing.

Let me begin by putting to rest any questions as to whether this can happen. The idea of vaccines in food has been around for a long time & is definitely possible. Here is a great article from the year 2000 with a wonderful picture (look at page 3) of exactly how this would be done in vegetables. Here is an article published in the NIH (you know – by our government) talking about foods “under application” to be genetically modified to become edible vaccines – FROM 2013. Below is a screenshot taken of a Google search for “food as a vaccine” taken on Sunday April 2, 2023 (I’m certain Google will begin hiding search results soon but at the time it returned 456 million results!).

The fact that food can be altered to act as a vaccine is not disputable. Which foods and in what ways is more of a question. It is claimed that beef, pork, etc. cannot transfer vaccination from the meat to a the consumer of the meat. At initial glance that would make sense (cow DNA and people DNA is quite different and an mRNA designed for cows would probably not be able to transfer directly to people), but that is NOT the whole story.

You have to remember that the additives in the mRNA vaccines are by no means “proven safe” and we don’t even actually know what all is in these shots. The Lipid NanoParticles (LNPs) appear to be a problem and there have been numerous reports of “other things” some scientists have found in the jabs when they examined them. Ultimately the mRNA jabs still have not undergone long-term testing because long-term testing can take 10-20 years and they have not existed that long so any claims about the safety or efficacy of the stuff that’s in them are garbage at best.

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What we do know about the mRNA vaccines is that they do not stop the spread of disease (click here to see) and really do not help in any way with anything. We also do know that these jabs were demonstrated, in vitro, to alter the genetic makeup of some cells and I would say it is incredibly likely that they do the outside the Petri dish. Given that we are now talking about a new level of genetic engineering with unknown effects and no long-term studies, do the potential genetic changes the mRNA injections facilitate pose a long-term risk to humans that ingest the altered food? Before you say no, wouldn’t you prefer it be tested rather than being the subject of the experiment?

So with all that in mind, I think it is fair to ask why they would continue to work on and promote a failed product… let alone expand its usage to another industry (Agriculture). Why would seed companies and other companies, outside of the current manufacturers of the COVID jabs, be so excited to develop a product that has failed associated with Died Suddenly and other terrible side effects?

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More importantly than anything else is why would the people pushing to use these unproven technologies be opposed to disclosing what they are doing? The pushback against House Bill 1169 in Missouri is shocking. This bill is 2 pages long (you can read it here) and does not ban anything. All it does is require labeling of products that can alter your genetics, require companies share info on transmissibility of gene altering interventions, and that fully informed consent be given for any vaccine, gene therapy, or medical intervention. So why are the RINOs in Missouri, lead by the Democrats and Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher are trying to slow-walk this bill through committee to prevent it from being approved this session?

The answer is the lobbyists. Big Pharma has no legitimate basis for publicly arguing against an informed consent/disclosure bill so they have tried to get the ag lobby to do their dirty work. This is also because the ag bioengineers and big pharma are one and the same. Bayer (big pharma) owns Monsanto which is one of the largest (possibly still the largest) seed producers in the world. Bayer also just happens to be headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri. Big pharma DOES NOT WANT people to know they are going to use food to alter their genetics.

They also do not want farmers to know they are setting them up. The lobbyists opposing this bill (see below) are pushing to shut this bill down because factory mega-farmers like Bill Gates (see here), the CCP, and others want to put vaccines in your food. These guys are supporting the big money but this will come at the expense of the family farmers. The problem is that the major factory-farmers like Gates have legal teams that can set up defense shields against the torts that may come if the food supply starts poisoning people (I can explain how to do this but will not do so here… I don’t think Gates needs more help). Meanwhile, the small farmers will be at risk of being sued if it turns out that the food they are selling is unsafe despite the fact that most of them will not necessarily know what is happening. If the corn growers, soybean, cattle, and pork associations actually cared about the farmers they would be demanding the seed companies and vaccine manufacturers indemnify the small farmers for these products rather than opposing a bill that would force them to tell the farmers what they are doing.

The corruption regarding this bill is amazing. Ultimately the labeling requirement would likely serve to protect farmers from being sued because the makers of seed and vaccines would have to make sure the farmers knew if they were putting potential gene therapies into their products. The opposition from the ag lobby is not to help the farmers, it is to help their own pockets.

We ALL need to fight back on this. If this bill passes in one state the requirements it imposes would help to protect the food supply of the entire country. That is why this bill is so opposed. This two page bill could help keep people safe but, in the words of one of the committee members from the Missouri Emerging Issues Committee – who cares if they put mRNA in the food? Well, we the people care and we need to let these Dems and sellout RINOs how much we do. Thank Holly Jones for sponsoring this and thank Committee Chair Hardwick for a fair hearing on it. Now it’s time for Speaker Dean Plocher to decide whether he wants to push this through this session (which he absolutely can do) or if he wants to be the RINO that put Missouri farmers at risk of lawsuits and the people of Missouri at risk of having an unsafe food supply.

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