Does Anyone Care About Real Issues?

I have a question, what do you think the biggest issue facing our country and/or world is at the moment? The imminent financial collapse and move to CBDCs? The endless plandemics that are being used as a justification for poisoning people with “vaccines”? Maybe you are worried about the social unrest (like we see in France) coming to the United States as we continue to allow military aged men from places like China and Iran cross the boarder unchecked? How about election fraud? Censorship? Out of control spending?

Now let me ask you this, which political party is focused on ANY of these? If you answered neither you are right and if you didn’t you are lying to yourself.

Don’t misunderstand, Trump is definitely talking about some of these things, as are Kennedy and even DeSantis, but neither party and ZERO elected officials are. Rather, they are holding hearings, hearings, and more hearings, on crucial issues like which law did Biden violate today (the answer is any of them he thought he could get away with). There’s no doubt that Biden’s corruption is illegal and unacceptable but we already have roughly 947 million times more evidence of corruption from Biden than we had on Nixon and Clinton combined. These hearings are nothing more than political theater and a distraction. I WANT ACTION!!!

The Democrat party is lost (except for Kennedy). These people have completely lost their minds and are simply all in on socialism/communism. They’ve taken positions against everything our founders fought for and are frankly a waste. That said, the Republicans are [largely] not much better.


Mitch McConnell IS the ED-Leader of the Senate and yes – I mean that ED. The only “hard” response you ever see from him is on issues like selling out to big pharma, pushing military-industrial nonsense in Nazi-supporting Ukraine, anything pro-China, or stabbing Trump in the back. That said, he’s accumulated enough power that most other weak-kneed GOP members won’t stand against him. Not once has he or any of his RINO crew done ANYTHING that would stand against the WEF agenda or for the America first agenda.

This leads me to my point. Why are MAGA candidates and citizens working with, supporting, or even talking to these people? The 85 million people that voted for Trump are largely unrepresented and yet we continue to support groups like WinRed (McConnell’s slush fund to eat all donations and ensure none of the money goes to MAGA candidates) and other establishment causes. I think we need to stop. How about supporting PAC’s/causes like General Flynn’s new PAC (you can find info on it here: or donate here: – I’d include a link to Trump’s campaign but that is going through WinRed and they will NEVER see a dime from me). Maybe we boycott those that hate the idea of America first (I’m all for a Fox News boycott at this point).

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I’m sick of fighting for freedom against the leftist Democrats while RINOs keep stabbing me in the back. We need bold and strong leadership and we need to support the individual GOP members that do good but I simply refuse to to continue to support the crooks like McConnell and his crew.

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