COVID, Twitter, the Jabs & Lives Saved

I love Truth Social. Good people, open minds, and a willingness to look at real data. There is even respectful discourse and people that can disagree without being disagreeable. Those novel and wonderful qualities make my experience there enjoyable but I’ve had to spend substantially more time recently, on a platform I’ve never actually used until recently… Twitter.

As nearly anyone that will read this will know, I have spent nearly every waking minute for the last two and a half years fighting against COVID lies and misinformation. No, not the actual science that corrupt fact checkers call conspiracy theory (I discuss a bit of that from Politifact here), the actual lies promulgated by the mainstream media and our federal (and many state) governments. This fight has been tough and, because of the corruption and censorship by our mainstream media and big tech, has broken down into a lot of “preaching to the choir” where I’ve been sharing info with people already awake. Twitter is no changing the paradigm.

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I do not know Elon Musk and have a wait and see attitude towards what he is doing but for now, he does appear to be opening up free speech on Twitter. This has created an incredible opportunity for me to share inarguable information with a lot of good people that are simply to “mainstream” to have heard the truth from other sources. Since bit tech and the legacy media have all been promoting lies in lockstep, unless you were willing to dig deep to find the truth about COVID, hospital protocols, early treatment, or the jabs, you just would not hear it. Now, Musk’s steps to allow free speech, are allowing me and others to reach many people that would not have been reachable otherwise.

The most telling aspect of the potential impact that Musk’s actions could have is the meltdown by the people that have controlled the situation and perpetrated these lies for the last almost 3 years (remember 14 days to flatten the curve?). The terror from the Fauci cultists is palpable which leads to the natural question, why? My experience as someone that argues for a living is that, when truth is on my side, most arguments are easy to win and quickly discredit the other side. If the Fauci cult has nothing to hide why would they fear engaging “conspiracy theorists” like me in the arena of free and open debate? I think that answer become quite clear when you look at the reports I’ve put out here and here (amongst others) showing the lies they’ve been pushing using their own documents and first-hand witnesses.

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At the end of the day I don’t know how far Twitter will go towards allowing true free speech but even the small opening in the iron curtain of censorship we have now is having a huge impact. For anyone seeing this that does not know about my work or history in this, I challenge you to take a look with an open mind. I have self funded most of my work despite being a solidly middle-class American. The total income for my entire law firm for the past three years of this fight is well under a million dollars – compare that to the people I’m fighting that have made hundreds of billions. I’m not in this for the money – I’m in it for truth. Look at my record and my work, look at the whistleblowers I’ve brought forth, and recognize that everything I’ve done has been done by a nobody from a small town in Ohio. Now ask yourself, who has a better reason to lie to the public – the nobody that has been crucified in the press or the billionaires that have made billions more?

I’m grateful to Musk for giving me an opportunity to make this point to people that have not heard it. I have no idea whether he is legit in his position but I’m ecstatic to have an opportunity to allow people to hear the truth that have not yet heard it. More importantly, I’m happy to have the chance to save lives by making people aware of the information they were not hearing. For that, I thank Elon Musk and hope he continues down the path of freedom.

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