Chernobyl in Ohio Hypocrisy & DeWine Globalist Corruption

For those of you that did not notice, the world ended in 2015, Al Gore – Oscar Award winner – said in his movie An Inconvenient Truth (which was entirely lies) that we would reach the point of no return on global warming by roughly the end of 2015. The sea levels would rise, the reefs would die, and all would end. He and his leftist buddies pushed for drastic changes to global governance to save us all from this horrible end. Naturally, all of those changes would enrich and empower him and the others promoting the idea, but that was a sacrifice they were willing to make for the good of the planet. It is worth noting that Governor Mike DeWine has long been concerned with the horrors of global warming as well (don’t let his shadey dealings with Ohio energy special interests fool you – he’d sellout on anything for his own interests but you can see the important vote here).

The climate change crowd has been pushing the “save the planet” narrative for quite some time but only when they make money or gain power from it. The pollution that will be caused by the millions of car batteries and strip mining for lithium doesn’t bother them but the CO2 that every living animal on this planet (including humans) breathes out is apparently an issue even though plants recycle that CO2 into oxygen (that’s why they used to push planting more trees and saving the Amazon). While this hypocrisy is not new, it is now becoming crystal clear and there is no better example of it than the “chemical weapon attack” that was carried out by our corrupt EPA/DoT officials with Governor DeWine in East Palestine, Ohio earlier this month.

Let me begin by explaining how the intentional burning of around a million pounds of a toxic chemical happened. Lighting these on fire was an egregious violation of numerous environmental and public health laws and could not have been done without authorization from someone with substantial authority. The EPA exists on both federal and state levels. The funding for the states is often from the feds and comes with strings attached that force the states to promote certain federal initiatives if they want the funding (which they usually do). This makes the lines between state and federal authority pretty blurry but is a common tactic our federal government uses to control the states. Further, there are numerous variations between state and federal requirements on any given regulation with many states frequently adopting more stringent environmental requirements than the feds so the bottom line is that environmental regulation and responsibility is a mess. That said, the state typically has a lot of control over environmental issues.

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In this instance there are numerous reports that DeWine himself authorized the burn-off of the spilt chemicals, thus causing one of the greatest environmental disasters in history. First, let’s be clear, DeWine and all others involved knew the disaster burning these chemicals would cause. Vinyl Chloride is a very dangerous substance and burning it – especially this amount – was inarguably something they would have been aware would cause critical health and environmental issues. Here is a nice snapshot of what has long been known and acknowledged by the EPA about this chemical.

So DeWine and his advisors knew this was going to cause a disaster, but did they order the burn. In this article, DeWine was was quoted as saying, “We looked at the danger of a controlled release which is what the railroad company felt should be done. We then went ahead with the second option, which was the controlled release.” So DeWine admitted he was responsible for this but why would a RINO with a record of capitulating to environmental special interests agree to create a HUGE environmental disaster in his home state? This is where this story becomes even more interesting (and by interesting I mean corrupt).

DeWine has willingly been the target of more than a little bit of influence buying by Norfolk Southern. According to a story by Progress Ohio:

According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, Norfolk Southern and its affiliates made over 100 contributions to Ohio state officials and candidates over the last five years. Including $29,000 to Gov. DeWine’s campaign and transition team, totaling nearly $100,000.

Since DeWine took office, Norfolk Southern has given him and other Ohio lawmakers $73,000 and successfully killed bipartisan railway safety legislation that would have helped protect railroad workers and the communities their trains passed through.

Since 2019, lobbyists for Norfolk Southern reported efforts to influence the outcome of lawmaking and policymaking in Ohio’s legislative and executive branches of government. Activity reports on file with the Joint Legislative Ethics Commission show that Norfolk Southern lobbyists reported 26 attempts to influence the Attorney General, Governor DeWine and the Departments of Transportation and the Ohio Rail Development Commission on issues ranging from safety to taxation.

In addition to attempts to lobby the executive branch, the company’s hired guns sought to influence lawmakers on 20 pieces of legislation ranging from taxation to safety, including one proposal to require trains to have a minimum of two crew members on board. In 2019, the company testified in opposition to the bipartisan rail safety legislation, supported by rail workers, saying it was unnecessary and unjustified. The bill died in committee without becoming law. In 2021, the company’s political action committee continued its giving to Ohio lawmakers, including the Chair and Vice Chair of the transportation committee, and an identical bill failed to move during that legislative session.

As it supported both federal and state politicians with campaign cash, Norfolk Southern has been able to evade safety regulations and reduce its costs, resulting in higher profits. In 2022, Northfolk Southern reported earning $4.8B, up 8% from the year prior. However, the consequences of deregulation have been disastrous for the people of East Palestine.

Two of the biggest stakeholders in Norfolk Southern (and most other railroads) are BlackRock and Vanguard. BlackRock and Vanguard are heavily tied to both the WEF (George Soros & others) and the CCP in China. Both are, in my view, corrupt institutional investment groups that are leveraging their financial power to push their own interests over those of “we the people” such as freedom through things like social credit scores and ESG investing. You may note the irony that Norfolk Southern requested to create an environmental catastrophe despite the fact that their main stockholders are promoting ENVIRONMENTAL Social Corporate Governance (ESG) but that aside these organizations are also huge supporters of the Biden Administration.

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Norfolk Southern asked DeWine to burn the chemicals so they could get the tracks open despite the fact that everyone knew the environmental disaster it would cause. DeWine and the rest of the government will run cover for the inevitable lawsuits to the best of their ability but I’d say it’s fair to ask why a woke company whose primary stockholders are globalist environmental social justice warriors would put profits over a real threat to the environment (assuming you do not buy into the “conspiracy theories” that this was an intentional chemical attack on American soil orchestrated by globalists and the CCP… which is almost as crazy as suggesting the numerous attacks on our food supply are orchestrated).

The Biden Admin and Democrat party is also culpable. The majority Dem Congress and Dem admin shut down a strike by the railroad union last year. This strike was very much relevant to what is happening. The strike was supported by the workers in the railroad industry but they are not represented by a centralized union. Rather they have several smaller unions with less power and money to buy off congress. The result is the big businesses that are the railroads and the bigger businesses that own the railroad companies could buy the legislation to stop the strike (I thought the Democrats were pro labor?).

At core the strike was about working conditions, pay, and the fact that railroad workers generally do not get ANY sick days (again – where were the Dems on this?). More relevant to this story, however, is the safety issues due to understaffing because the railroad companies keep cutting staff and expecting more of the people left to drive profits. The Atlanta Civic Circle does a solid job explaining the situation here and states:

Rail workers say that the railroads have systematically been eliminating staff and bypassing safety considerations to drive up profits. The big Class One railroads, including CSX and Norfolk Southern, cut 45,000 workers or 29% of jobs over the last six years, which increases the risk of errors and accidents from stressed and overworked workers.

So profits over people was supported by the Democrats and RINOs who are funded/controlled by the globalist WEF/CCP and the strike happened. The final icing on this perfect cake of corruption is Pete Buttigieg. The Free Beacon does a wonderful job here chronicling this clown’s miserable failure as a human being in regards to his job leading the DoT.

The bottom line is this latest self-inflicted wound (or intentional attack if you lean conspiratorial) is the result of crooked RINOs, corrupt Dems, globalist WEF influence, and a healthy dose of CCP influence. Meanwhile the good people living within 100-300 miles of the intentional DeWine chemical bomb detonation will suffer the consequences… but I guess if you are controlled by the people that brought us COVID and the jabs why would you care about a million or two more people being sick and dying.

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