BOMBSHELL: The DoD Made COVID & the Damar Hamlin Story Plus the BioWeapon Vaccines

“Died Suddenly” Is Going To Be With Us For A Long Time

I’m opening this with a bombshell. A new article posted in the Armed Forces Press is titled: BREAKING: DOD CONTROLLED COVID ‘VACCINES’ FROM THE START UNDER NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAM – LIED THE ENTIRE TIME – Were NEVER ‘Safe and Effective’. The title says it all. The DOD was involved in the creation of COVID through intelligence agency partnerships with EcoHealth Alliance and the same people pushed the vaccine bioweapons (more in our Report on the Origins of SARS-COV-2). My question is, will the new House actually investigate and push for the prosecution of the DOD personnel involved in a plot that has killed over 10 million people globally between the jabs, the disease, and the lockdowns? Or will they continue to keep Jan 6ers as political prisoners and ramble on about sedition by Trump when true sedition and treason seems to have occurred in our very own DOD.

The nation was horrified last Monday night to see Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin collapse on the field after making a tackle. Hamlin was given CPR for ten minutes before being brought to hospital via an ambulance driven onto the field. It is being reported that Hamlin suffered a heart attack, but Dr. Peter McCullough suspects that subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis may have been a contributing factor.

Sadly, it took a Monday Night Football national audience to witness what has been happening for two years now. And it looks as though scenes like this will be commonplace for the foreseeable future.

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Hamlin wasn’t the first athlete to collapse on the field of play since the introduction of the genejabs. What used to be a very infrequent occurrence has happened hundreds of times in the past two years. Last year alone, 769 athletes collapsed during competition. Other athletes have experienced likely jab-related injuries off-field too, including a 31-yo Super Bowl champion, a 38-yo former NFL linebacker, former Olympian, a professional golfer, and a 16-yo hockey player.

And the carnage isn’t just limited to athletes. One of the Pittsburg Steelers owners, a 58-yo Australian fashion designer, a 28-yo ABC News producer, a 37-yo ABC News Producer, a 43-yo rapper, and Bob Marley’s grandson all “died suddenly” in the last two weeks. Just this week, three Massachusetts police officers “died suddenly.” Perhaps most tragic was the death of a 9-yo boy just days before Christmas from a sudden blood clot to the brain.

Are all the recent “sudden deaths” the direct result of the clotshot? It’s hard to say, First, because the media have been notoriously reluctant to give causes of death. (This isn’t surprising, as the media and others pushing the jabs have even admitted that they lied throughout the scamdemic.) Second, because these mRNA injections can harm you in so many ways.

It is now well-established that both the virus itself and the artificial spike proteins the jabs induce your body into manufacturing cause circulatory system inflammation, including myocarditis and pericarditis. Such inflammation can lead to clotting, which can lead to pulmonary embolism and stroke.

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But we’re also seeing strong data signals that each successive jab progressively compromises your immune system, leading to susceptibility to infection otherwise unlikely to present significant danger, as well as permitting fast, aggressive cancers.

While we certainly aren’t cheering for more people to die—and don’t take pleasure in any death—it is notable that not even those who harmed others with these jabs are immune from their effects. It looks as though the death-toll is only going to increase over the coming years.

In another case of you reap what you sow, a celebrity-supported bail fund in Las Vegas has been shuttered after it was sued for funding the release of a man who six days later tried to kill a waiter. Folks, it’s not a “conspiracy theory” or even hyperbole to point out that Leftist policies kill people. A lot of people.

We are truly fighting a spiritual battle and while I can’t always promise you good news, I can promise you important news. Regardless of the nature of the news, I remain optimistic that 2023 will be a great year in which we will make substantial strides towards freedom. I’m hopeful regarding my new radio show (the Tom Renz Show – playing weekdays at 6 PM and 7 AM on, I’m eager to file many more lawsuits, and I think we may truly start to see the beginnings some accountability this year. Thank you for your encouragement and support; they mean more than you know and please keep sharing the word – our freedom can only truly be regained if we the people take action. God Bless you and yours in 2023.

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