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The Covid Fight (404)

Why it Matters & Other Essays by Tom Renz

Exposing the darker facets of malfeasance during a time of pandemic crisis and the far-reaching consequences of unchecked fraud, compelling us to confront the reality of betrayal that extends beyond the pandemic’s toll on public health.


The 404 book series Bundle - Signed by Tom

Experience a thought-provoking journey with your Tom Renz's bundle pack featuring three of Tom's most recent book releases, signed by Tom himself.

The COVID Fight: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)‘ delves into the consequences of unchecked fraud during the pandemic crisis, urging us to confront harsh realities.

In ‘CBDCs: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404): Central Digital Bank Currency,’ explore the significance of Central Bank Digital Currencies in today’s financial world.

Lastly, ModRNA: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404) sheds light on the potential risks of untested vaccines and gene therapies, emphasizing the importance of regulated innovation for our future.

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