Is there a racial component to the lab-created SARS-COV2 Virus?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. recently stated, “COVID-19. There is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately…” “COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people.”

While I have not evaluated all of the science related to this charge and do not take a position on whether it is accurate I think it is responsible for us to ask whether or not people that would design a virus that has killed millions of people would be evil enough to design said virus in a way that targeted specific races more precisely than others.

The document below is a resolution presented as the PA Medical Society -Board Report 3. It is well cited and includes a number of seemingly valid points. I invite actual scientists to scrutinize it & let us know if you agree with the conclusions. That said, this IS a well-cited document from the PA Medical Society & to dismiss it as “conspiracy theory” without proper analysis is nothing more than a demonstration that you are NOT a legitimate scientist.

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