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“There’s a continued push to destroy humanity through modifying our genetics. This is an issue beyond what most people realize and a point that I want to hit hard here. The Natural News put out a great article and I want to thank my good friend Mike Adams the Health Ranger for putting this together. The article is titled, “Top 6 ways the GENOCIDE CULT wants to FORCE-VACCINATE all humans, except themselves and their own children.” This is something we should be scared of. The article starts out stating that over 72% of the world’s population has gotten at least one dose of these poison death jabs. Only 28% of us are still pure bloods and the other 72% have been poisoned in one way or another and I pray for them. The thing about it is, we don’t even know what that means.

If you want to trust the CDC, HHS, or Pfizer at this point you could say, “well it doesn’t mean anything Renz, they told us it doesn’t modify our DNA, or our genetics, and there’s no side effects or myocarditis and it’s all safe and effective, etc. etc.” Well if you still believe that, that’s fine, you may be an idiot, but you’re entitled to be an idiot. If you are like me and you think that there might be an issue or that these guys are all liars and pieces of crap then you have to accept the fact that we don’t actually know what these do long term. We don’t know if it permanently alters your genetics, we know they’ve used multiple variations of these vaccines, and we just don’t know what this tech is doing to our bodies. 72% of the world’s population have no idea about what’s going to happen to them, what they are, and if anything has changed permanently in them, that’s a scary thing.

72% is not enough for Bill Gates, WEF, Anthony Fauci, and all these psychopaths, they want to poison everybody and they want us all connected to their global control mechanisms. They are working on different ways to be able to modify and manipulate our genetics without consent and there’s no question that it’s happening. They’ve spent billions researching different ways to make sure that gene therapy is put into our blood. That’s a real bad thing. In this article they point out the six different things they are working on:

• #1. Gene-mutation injections disguised as “”vaccines””
• #2. Chemtrails deployed over populations
• #3. Micro-needle patches
• #4. Hidden in the food supply, starting with meat
• #5. Genetically modified mosquitoes
• #6. Shedding of spike proteins from the “”vaccinated”” to the “”unvaccinated”” masses
All of these different mechanisms of deployment that they’ve spent trillions of dollars investing in world-wide all affect our genes. They aren’t telling the public what they are doing, they are changing their genome without informed consent. These are not vaccines and they never have been. This is a crucial issue and it’s evil to the core. This is Nuremberg, this is Nazi’s, experimenting on people without informed consent, this is what the Nazi’s did!
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