Merry Christmas

Around 2000 years ago, humanity was honored in a way it did not deserve, but for the love and mercy of God. I pray for and honor all of my friends around the world of various beliefs, but today I celebrate the birth of my savior, Jesus Christ.

As I reflect on Christmas this year I recognize how easy it is to focus on the difficulties but find myself amazed how blessed I am. I was born in the greatest country in the history of the world and at a time where I could grow into a person that could fight for that nation’s future. God loved me enough to allow me to have a role in one of the most important fights in the history of mankind and has carried me in a way that has even allowed me to have an impact. Now I’m watching as the work we have done against the COVID corruption is beginning to come to fruition and people are widely beginning to wake up to the truth.

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God gave me a great wife and two amazing sons. Despite my imperfections as a dad and husband they love me and we have a strong family. As importantly, I am supported in this fight by each of them in a way that allows me to keep fighting. It’s more to ask of a family than anyone should ask but I’ve never had to ask… they simply understand.

Through this fight I have made new and amazing friends that are true friends with similar beliefs and goals. People who are willing to stand for freedom in the face of overwhelming odds and who value God and country over their own self interests. Many of these friends are truly giants and I’m honored to stand with them.

For me Christmas is also a time of celebration for another reason. I am human and so I sin. Because of God’s willingness to allow his son to come into this world, knowing fully the pain and death he would suffer, I am forgiven for my sins. When I think of the love I have for my boys I truly cannot fathom allowing my children to be put through such an ordeal but that is how much we are loved by God.

That love is why I fight. My faith teaches me to do unto others. If, in my ignorance, I was being misled into giving my children a poison, or terrified into giving up my freedom, I would want someone to stand for me even if I was too blind to see what was happening. That’s how I think of the people that have been so defrauded and misled, as people that deserve defending even if they don’t appreciate it.

So I pray from the bottom of my heart for peace on earth and and good will to men. I pray for goodness, families, our nation, and freedom for all people. As long as we are willing to earn it I am certain God will answer our prayers, after all, he already gave us his son, so it is hard to believe he would abandon us now.

Merry Christmas to all…

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