Bombshell Study Finds 74% of COVID Vaccine Autopsy Deaths Caused by Vaccine, Censored by Lancet

A study published in The Lancet, based on 325 autopsies after COVID vaccination, found that 74% of deaths were caused by the vaccine. However, it was removed from the site within 24 hours.

Authored by leading experts like cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, the paper awaited peer review. Despite the study’s thorough methodology, a note on The Lancet stated that its conclusions were “not supported by the methodology.”

“From the preprints with the Lancet staff who removed the paper, it is hard to know what substance the claim that the conclusions are not supported by the method. So again, they’re not telling you why they took it down,” wrote The Daily Sceptic.

“Keep in mind that the CDC has not yet acknowledged a single death being caused by COVID mRNA vaccines. Autopsy evidence demonstrating otherwise is clearly not what the United States public health establishment wants to hear.”

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