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Your donation to Tom Renz helps to support the tireless work it takes to speak the truth.  From helping to fund legal challenges to pandemic-related policies, to advocating for our freedoms as Americans, to providing resources to those in need, to supporting Tom and his team with their unwavering efforts, your donations are much appreciated, and working HARD.  We truly are honored to have your support.

Our Donate Now page offers a range of options for supporting our cause, including one-time donations, featured items from our Renz Wear shop and even info on how you can donate your time in other ways. In addition, we highlight our network of featured sponsors who share in our commitment to defending truth.

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Defending Liberty

We are dedicated to defending health freedom and individual rights through legal advocacy, education, and community building. Our vision is a world where medical choice is informed, protected and respected.  We have a grassroots mission to share and band together under the TRUTH.  WE must be our brothers’ (and our country’s) keepers.


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