They Lied About Masks – Why Trust Them On The Jab?

Folks, we have been lied to more times than I can count and while our government is lying to us on every topic, from Jan 6, to the elections, to climate change, to CBDC, one of the best illustrations of the lies comes from the COVID realm. Masks, in particular have always been one of […]

Trump’s Arrest & the Second American Revolution

In the minds of many patriots, conservatives, libertarians, and even some relatively mainstream republicans our nation is careening out of control towards a socialist/communist nightmare. I count myself amongst this group of people and find myself ever more concerned that the complete disregard for the principles our nation was founded on is leading to massive […]

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs

Let me open this by apologizing. This article is going to get into the weeds a bit and it is less than exciting. That said, stick with me until the end and I’ll give you a solution you can fight for. For those that are living under a rock (or that have more interesting things […]

COVID Origins Cover-Up Part II – the COVID Origins Act

Will this start WWIII? You may have heard that the House and Senate both passed, by unanimous consent, the COVID Origins Act. This, along with the admission by Redfield that COVID was certainly the result of gain-of-function work carried out by EcoHealth Alliance, is one of the most critical developments in the fight against the fraud […]

How the Courts & Lawyers Have Destroyed Justice

My name is Tom Renz and I’m a lawyer… yes, I did intend that to mimic an opening confession of an AA meeting and I do not mean to belittle AA – I have the utmost respect for that amazing organization. Rather, at this point, being a lawyer is viewed by many as being a […]

Lawfare for Freedom – Why Do We Keep Talking About Waking People Up?

This article is completely inspired by interactions I’ve been having on Twitter and Truth Social over the past few weeks. One of the questions I keep getting from people is why do you keep talking about waking people up? This is a fair question and critical for people to understand. For the past three years […]

Chernobyl in Ohio Hypocrisy & DeWine Globalist Corruption

For those of you that did not notice, the world ended in 2015, Al Gore – Oscar Award winner – said in his movie An Inconvenient Truth (which was entirely lies) that we would reach the point of no return on global warming by roughly the end of 2015. The sea levels would rise, the […]


This is going to be a short one because I do not want to overanalyze the situation. Joe Biden – the man that bragged about having the greatest election fraud machine in history before stealing an election – is attempting to lead us in to World War III. It appears Biden sent American troops to […]