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Disease X 404 SERIES WHY IT MATTERS AND OTHER ESSAYS TOM RENZ book cover new release


Why It Matters And Other Essays (404)


Disease X: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)’ elucidates the evolving landscape of public health practice, raising critical questions about the intersection of science, policy, and ethics. With clarity and insight, Renz empowers readers to critically evaluate scientific evidence, navigate public health discourse, and contribute to informed decision-making in an increasingly complex world.

Lawfare 404 SERIES WHY IT MATTERS AND OTHER ESSAYS TOM RENZ book cover new release


Strategic Legal Warfare & Other Essays (404)


In ‘Lawfare: Strategic Legal Warfare & Other Essays’, Tom Renz describes a world in which conflicts extend beyond the conventional battleground and the power wielded in courtrooms is as potent as any weapon on the battlefield. This little “deep” dive discusses the intricate world of lawfare, exploring its multifaceted dimensions from positive applications to misuse and manipulation.


‘Lawfare 404’ navigates the nuanced landscape of lawfare, unveiling its positive aspects as a tool for justice, the peaceful resolution of disputes, and the safeguarding of human rights.However, it also shares how it has been exploited as a means to subvert justice, silence dissent, or perpetuate conflicts. While a must-read for legal professionals, policymakers, and academics, it has been written for any reader intrigued by the intricate intersection of law, power, and ethics.

Tom Renz ModRNA 404 Book Series Best Seller


Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)


In ‘ModRNA: Why It Matters & Other Essays’, Attorney Tom Renz delivers a wake up call, exposing the potential catastrophes of introducing untested vaccines and gene therapies into the human food supply. With meticulous research this little book unravels the dark side of tinkering with the building blocks of life. Drawing on expert insights, it’s a stark reminder that the consequences of unregulated innovation can be catastrophic.


Short and to the point, ‘ModRNA 404′ is a compelling plea for caution and accountability, urging us to safeguard our food supply and protect future generations from unforeseen risks. If you’re concerned about the long-term consequences of genetic experiments in our food, modRNA: Why It Matters & Other Essays is a must-read that will alert you to the discussions around gene therapies in our food supply or-at the minimum-leave you questioning the safety of what you eat.

Tom Renz Covid Fight 404 Book Series Best Seller

The COVID Fight

Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)


In The COVID Fight: Why It Matters & Other Essays’, Tom Renz exposes the darker facets of malfeasance during a time of pandemic crisis and informs the reader of the far-reaching consequences of unchecked fraud, compelling us to confront the reality of betrayal that extends beyond the pandemic’s toll on public health.


Sounding a compelling alarm about the disturbing underbelly of the federal government’s pandemic response, Renz offers compelling testimonials, a meticulous timeline of events, and strategic actions that any individual can take to help shed light on the web of deceit that has cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars.


Central Bank Digital Currency & Other Essays (404)

In CBDCs: Central Digital Bank Currency & Other Essays’, Tom Renz offers a cursory exploration of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), shedding light on their significance in the modern financial landscape. From explaining the general concept to investigating the potential socio-economic impact on readers, this book offers elementary insight into this emerging monetary paradigm.


This little book cautions readers about the potential risks and dangers associated with CBDC implementation including privacy concerns, cybersecurity threats, and the implications of a digital currency system on individual liberties. Readers are guided through thought-provoking essays that critically examine the darker facets of CBDCs in language that could be understood by anyone intrigued by the future of money.

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