Another Renz Rant | Another Shooting, Another Insane Leftist | Episode 38

The shooter in #Nashville was a transgenderd girl that thought she was a boy. It is being rumored that the shooting was “triggered” because this person was mad about the state of Tennessee pushing legislation to ban children transitioning. Maybe tolerance would have prevented this tragedy… or something… like using the $100 billion we spent […]

Another Renz Rant | Trump, DeSantis, 2024 & Election Fraud | Episode 37

The 2024 #elections are going to be ugly, we know the #steal is already in play. #Trump and #DeSantis need to shake hands and make up. I would like to see DeSantis stay as Governor for another term, with Trump in the Presidency they would make a great team. It’s time to get organized now, […]

Another Renz Rant | RINO’s, Lobbyists, and Informed Consent | Episode 36

I just got back from the great state of #Missouri, honestly I just love that place. I was there to testify on #InformedConsent house bill 1169. Despite the clear language and context of this bill, #Pfizer and #Moderna of course threw an absolute conniption over this and sent in some heavy hitter lobbyists to go […]

Another Renz Rant | Trump and the RINO’s | Episode 35

The more they #persecute #Trump, the more his #base grows. The #truth is that most Americans, regardless of what side of the political isle they stand on want the #law to be fair for all. When the law isn’t applied equally it isn’t fair and #WETHEPEOPLE are fed up with the egregious failures occuring in […]

Tom Renz | Hospital Protocols to Kill (with special guest Adrienne Smith)

On today’s show I have a special guest #whistleblower talking about hospital killing protocols.  Adrienne is a clinical pharmacist who has worked in the field for 18 years, she is a whistleblower from within the industry that fought against the #hasteningdeath protocols. Hastening death is akin to #murder in my book, these hospitals were boosting […]

They Lied About Masks – Why Trust Them On The Jab?

Folks, we have been lied to more times than I can count and while our government is lying to us on every topic, from Jan 6, to the elections, to climate change, to CBDC, one of the best illustrations of the lies comes from the COVID realm. Masks, in particular have always been one of […]

Another Renz Rant | Trump’s Got it Right on World War III | Episode 33

I formally oppose World War III, and there’s at least one other person out there standing with me, President Trump. I love #Trump on almost everything, except the #deathjab, but everything else I can say with confidence we are in agreement on. We need to get out of #Ukraine and stop trying to stoke a […]