Everything that is happening in America stems from CORRUPTION, says Tom Renz

Article from Natural News

Ohio-based lawyer Tom Renz said everything that is happening in the U.S. stems from corruption. He made this assertion during a recent appearance on “The Mel K Show.”

Renz told program host Mel K: “Ultimately, what’s happening in our country stems from corruption. Everything about this stems from corruption. You get to D.C., you’re owned. Someone is going to be controlling you [or] buying you.”

According to the attorney, there is so much money that goes in controlling the people in the federal capital. He added that members of Congress, including their staffers, are being controlled and fed false information. Renz cited former President Donald Trump, who was surrounded by “snakes” that fed him bad information” as an example of this.

The Ohio lawyer noted that the single biggest failure that came Trump’s way was the loss of Gen. Mike Flynn. Had he not been terminated, Flynn would have cleaned up the national security and intelligence communities. Renz also mentioned that the intelligence community and top officials at the Department of Defense appointed by former President Barack Obama were the true security and insurance policy against Trump.

“It worked and, unfortunately, they influenced people that were around Trump on a level that just really did cause a lot of problems,” Renz said.

Mel K agreed with her guest, mentioning that Trump was once listening to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and others. These people, she added, would later turn on the real estate mogul-turned-president.

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