Censorship Kills Freedom, and Google Is Doubling Down

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  • The Tom Renz Show – Diving deep into the murky waters of SARS-CoV-2's origins, this exposé reveals startling facts about its creation in a Wuhan lab, funded and facilitated by US agencies. From Anthony Fauci to the CIA, the layers of cover-up are extensive. Lawsuits are pending, whistleblowers are speaking out, and yet our leaders[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Diving deep into the faltering leadership of Senate ED leader Mitch McConnell, we explore what's really happening behind the scenes in the GOP. As McConnell shows signs of mental decline, questions arise about his successor and the future of the Senate. Insider reports suggest the race to replace him might[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Diving deep into the unsettling push to manipulate human genetics, revealing how a staggering 72% of the global population may be on the brink of irreversible change. We unveil six devious methods—from gene-mutation injections disguised as vaccines to genetically modified mosquitoes—that are being used to potentially alter our DNA without[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Recent Twitter claims made by Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding - Dr. Ding-a-Ling. Despite his credentials as an epidemiologist and health economist, his alarmist tweets about COVID-19 statistics raise questions about the credibility of his data and the CDC's numbers. We argue that the media's silence on these inflated figures is concerning[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The mask is a bunch of little fibers that are woven together. It's like a fence that has holes between the fibers. It's not solid. Those holes between those fibers are frankly too big to stop COVID particles. Masks will catch spit and slobber, and that's why masks are worn[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – In Dearborn, Michigan, Islamic and Christian communities united against school district policies, overlooked by mainstream media. This unity challenges the divisive narratives pushed by some media and political entities. Addressing biases and promoting understanding, the author highlights the importance of seeing beyond labels, urging Americans of all backgrounds to come[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – There's a real concern about the age of those in the U.S. Senate. Feinstein has no idea where she's at. I think between her and McConnell, they provide more funding for 'Depend® Diapers' than anyone else on the planet. McConnell froze up recently, and we can see that he's not[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – I want to talk about Donald Trump and COVID today. Trump came out recently and made a big statement about COVID being used to steal the election. I tweeted a bit and put a few things out there on this, but I haven't talked about it much on the show.[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – When I started in this fight several years ago, when the lockdowns occurred, and the beginnings of election fraud were sown, I was certainly not red-pilled at that point. I thought I was a conservative, I was a patriot, and I knew the Democrats were the bad guys, but I[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – I want to talk about a few ideas, thoughts, and theories that may seem a little left, and I want to explain why they aren't: unity and diversity. I've long owned who I am: an imperfect Christian, a Dad, a Husband, a lawyer, a warrior, an analyst, I'm all sorts[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – BRICS is a very important thing. BRICS is Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and has spread to many other countries. BRICS is all about the de-dollarization of the world. Everything in the world trades on the dollar, or at least it used to, and now everything is not[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Is it okay for a judge to break a law? I just want you all to know that I am going to leverage every ounce of political commentator authority I have here on this because I view this as a miscarriage of justice and a violation of the law. I’m[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What does woke mean? It's a plague on humanity and is absolutely horrific. The climate monsters, CRT, the DEI, and all this nonsense. How did we get from a point where people were trying to fight against racism and all these things that really do need to be fought to[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Today the story is COVID-19. COVID-19 is everywhere. Headlines on more lockdowns, new vaccines, and endless corruption. This is a crisis of the vaxxed. In 2021 I started talking about how the vaccines were going to cause COVID-19. The vaccines were going to damage the immune system that creates the[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What we discussed most was that I wanted to show Dr. Drew that the government lied. If I can show you that they lied, I have to ask the question, why should you trust them now? When do you trust a liar? Dr. Drew's audience is mainstream, and we really[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – While I attempt to take a deep dive into the science behind modRNA and our DNA, I’m going to ask you to think of it like you do a large and complex Lego set. I love building Legos with my boys, and some of these sets are huge, and they[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Oliver Anthony’s song, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has caused quite a stir. I like Oliver Anthony, I don’t know him, but I love his song and its message. Liberty Daily published a great article today, “Christian Publication Goes After Oliver Anthony’s Working Man’s Anthem Because It’s Too Mean.” Apparently,[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What I want to talk about today is the war on God and its tie-in to business. There was a great article on Front Page titled, "Target CEO: "Applying What We Learned" After Sales Crash Due to 'Transgenderizing' Kids. "You will see us celebrate Pride, but with these modifications." It[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – There's a really important topic that everyone's afraid to touch right now, and that is the war on America. I'm not talking about Biden's war on the Constitution, and I'm not talking about the Democrats' war on the foundational principles of our country. I'm talking about the physical war on[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Another day and another Donald Trump garbage indictment. This is also what is happening with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. We are witnessing the weaponization of the justice system in the political process. We are seeing the Biden administration, as well as here in Ohio. We are seeing a Republican administration supporting[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – I want to talk about the church. Right now, we have a situation where the church has completely lost itself. When I say church, I'm talking about the church of Christ, and I'm going to throw in there anyone who follows the God of Abraham, my Jewish and Muslim brothers[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The Ohio Medical Board has suspended the license of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny without even a pretense of due process on a procedural issue unrelated to patient care but stemming from a desire to censor her opinions on COVID and the vaccines. Rather than working to protect Sherri's rights, the state's[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Today’s show is a special livestream episode on the Michigan voter fraud that was recently uncovered by the Gateway Pundit. I’m joined by the leader of the Michigan GOP, Kristina Karamo, who witnessed the election fraud that occurred firsthand, and Benjamin Wittmore, who’s a wonderful attorney out of Michigan. These[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – On my Twitter feed, there are a couple of important things that I want to talk about. I want to start with the package insert and labeling for Pfizer, I shared a document that states, “There is no information on the co-administration of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine with other vaccines.”[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The Biden Family corruption saga continues in the headlines today. Just the News published a great article, “Silk Road Paved with Cash: Court records confirm millions flowed to Biden family from China,” that ties into Hunter Biden’s plea deal, and it lays out several important facts. I want to focus[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – We’ve created a situation where when I see a guy walking around wearing a bra and a skirt, I’m not supposed to look at him funny. Are you kidding me? This isn’t progressive! This is not being kind and cool and moving the culture forward; this is regression. The idea[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – On today’s show, we have a special guest with us, Dr. John Witcher, who’s running for Governor in the great state of Mississippi. He’s become a great friend of mine, and with his election coming up, I wanted to bring him on the show so he could introduce himself to[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – I stand with Donald Trump. Jack Smith, Joe Biden, and the corrupt DOJ have put me in a position to stand with Donald Trump. The attack on Donald Trump by our corrupt Department of Justice is an attack on freedom and an attack on our republic like we've never seen[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – They are attempting to shift the narrative, and we can’t forget what they did to us. Do you remember being locked down in your house and how it felt while they told you everyone was dying? This is a huge deal because they are trying to rewrite this and take[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – This proxy war that we are fighting in Ukraine is being done to distract us from what’s going on domestically. Ukraine can’t win this war, and all they are doing is making everyone mad and running the risk of escalating this to nuclear retaliation. Isn’t the timing amazing? What would[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – It is another glorious day in the banana republic of the United States, and we are looking at the embodiment of a two-tiered justice system in Jack Smith. Jack Smith is the most corrupt attorney in America, which is really saying something because if you want to talk about corruption[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The AP published an article: "'Mama bears' may be the 2024 race's soccer moms. But where the GOP seeks votes, some see extremism." This hit piece talks about how these horrible moms who are against trans garbage in schools are fighting the grooming of their kids. They are attacking the[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney love Joe Biden; they don't want Donald Trump, and an impeachment might interfere with their ability to get rid of Trump. They will do anything they can to destroy Trump, and that's what they are trying to do. Who cares what ED Leader McConnell does?[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The Republicans are no better than the Democrats, and right now, I'm exceedingly fussy about what is going on with Trump. People like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney, the two most crooked monsters in the Senate, are doing everything they can to ensure Trump is never elected again. Understand that[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – They are working on tying computers in with human brains, which just sounds horrific to me; the last thing I want is a computer controlling my brain. I don’t care if it advances anything; I don’t want anything to do with that. Harari, who is behind this, recently said that[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The thing that Donald Trump didn't know at the start was just how evil our country had become in regard to our infrastructure, the deep state. How could he know? None of us realized how entrenched and evil it was. We didn't realize they would create a disease and release[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The child trafficking issue is very real; however, many people don’t understand what’s happening because there are a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories thrown into this. There’s a massive amount of fact-checking coming out from the mainstream to try to discredit Jim Caviezel and everyone associated with this movie;[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Trump said this about Biden, “He’s getting millions of dollars illegally from China, and then you say, hey, they impeached me over a phone call that was perfect; why aren’t they impeaching Biden for receiving tens of millions of dollars?” This is going viral everywhere because people are mad. Trump[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Today I want to talk about the distraction strategy that we are seeing in Washington with their endless hearings. The Daily Mail published a piece today, “Anthony Fauci accused of perjury: Former White House doctor ‘LIED under oath about funding gain-of-function research in China - which is feared to have[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Robert Kennedy Jr was right to say that we need to be looking into this. Do you think that people that would perform gain of function work on a disease and create this poison vaccine, and put it out knowing it would kill millions of people, knowing that the vaccines[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – They want everything you own to be a digital asset; that way, if you are doing something they don’t like, they can take it from you. Be ready to fight! The CBDCs, the pandemics, and the mandates are all about control. The UN and The WHO are working on this;[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – When will Congress investigate this and get to the bottom of what’s going on? I would like to see an investigation into what is occurring in France and if there is any funding or individuals involved there that were involved in the riots here. There’s a lot of evil in[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – One of the foundational aspects that was used in The Hunger Games was the control of censorship and messaging. If you don’t know the truth, then you’ll believe whatever you are told. The reality we live in is based on the fact that we hear, and if we can’t access[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – This bill does a LOT of good with no real downside. It simply allows patients to work with their doctors without interference or risk to the hospitals in which they are treated. It is a great compromise that protects all parties, expands the rights of everyone, and ensures healthcare is[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What if our government quits being free? What if they were to become corrupt, and willing to sell out and not stand for the constitution? How many of us would stand up and fight for freedom like Cowboy? How many are willing to die fighting for freedom? You are an[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The problem is we think we can somehow negotiate with our enemies when what we need to be doing is distinguishing between the enemies in front of us and the enemies within. Of course, there’s value in reaching out to different outlets and reaching a broad audience, however, Fox is[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Mosquitoes that act as flying syringes for malaria vaccines are a real thing. How does Bill Gates plan to get informed consent from people potentially vaccinated by flying syringes? Will the mosquitoes carry legal documents with them with side effect lists and a spot to sign before they bite you?[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Aborting her fifth child, dismisses drug use while pregnant, and admits to being a mom by day and a pornstar by night, promoting her decision to be both a mom and a sex worker. Sound virtuous to you? This is appalling, and the problem is nobody is calling this stuff[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Border security is inarguably one of the most important issues facing America, but simply does not have the political legs of an issue like the Biden bribes or abuses of power through using the DOJ and other agencies to go after political opponents. An impeachment for bribery, or better, for[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Gaetz is asking all the right questions, as every Republican representative needs to be doing. The American people are at war with our own intelligence agencies, and it’s time we demand full transparency and accountability. The same intelligence agencies that funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – We are about to go through the greatest economic collapse in history, and let me explain how this ties into slavery. The American dollar represents freedom, it’s untraceable, untrackable, and its destruction is critical to the globalist agenda. They must destroy the dollar in order to bring in CBDCs. CBDCs[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – When we look at where racism exists today, we find it in the insane leftist woke agenda that’s corrupting our society with things like CRT and “equity and diversity” initiatives that do the exact opposite of what they claim to do. CRT is the definition of racism; they are literally[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Where are the articles of impeachment? Where is the GOP leadership when it comes time to crack down on RINOs that vote against sanctioning crooks like Adam Schiff? The simple truth is that these guys are still playing politics the old way, where they talk to get the press and[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Every day we are continuing to find out how we were right on everything. The WHO treaty is being pushed by Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and all the other sick globalist monsters. It's all about control. They want to control global health and are pushing this with every intention[...]
  • While George Soros funds Project 65, an organization whose mission is to destroy the careers of attorneys who attempt to file cases on election fraud and anything that goes against the One World Agenda, conservatives are wasting their time fighting the ban on gas stoves and selling out on the critical issues like the debt[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Wokism is constantly being shoved down our throats and has gotten way out of control. Donald Trump spoke out recently on wokism, and of course, DeSantis quickly followed up, trying to stoke divide on their position. However, I’m going to tell you right now; they are both right. I’m glad[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Let’s note the reference to 21 USC 360bbb-3. That law is the law that governs emergency use authorization of drugs. It was the basis of one of our significant pieces of litigation, and that case was incredibly strong. Strong enough, in fact, that the government “coincidently” removed the vaccine mandates[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – How is it that we still don’t know what is in these vaccines and what they are doing to our DNA? Why does the mainstream media ignore everything COVID? I would think those that got the jab would want to know what they got and what it’s doing to their[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Why are we funding 87,000 new IRS agents, the green new deal, the DOJ/FBI persecution of Donald Trump and the J6ers, & pharma (still)? Corruption… we the people, want the GOP to quit negotiating terrible deals and start acting like winners. Why are so many companies continuing to push this[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The hypocrisy from the left really knows no bounds. Recently the ReAwaken Tour has been under attack and is being accused of being anti-Semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m honored to say that I’ve been part of ReAwaken since its inception, and what I love the most[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – My whistleblower, who’s the pharmacist on this audio, asked me to share this because she wants the truth to come out. Despite the risks of coming forward, she told me that this has to come out. I have so much respect for her strength and courage to do what she’s[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show –The House Freedom Caucus said they won’t accept a watered-down version of the debt-limit proposal, and I hope McCarthy and the Republicans stand strong on this. Our government is out of control; why should we give Biden any more money? Defund all of it, defund transgender sex ed in our schools,[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – You might ask how, after 306 pages of detailed evidence of corruption in the highest offices of our nation, can he make such a statement? The issue comes from the lack of integrity in nearly every position of power. We are at a point where changing policies isn’t going to[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The left-leaning, and almost exclusively left-supporting organization, is working to secure storage space for voting machines and ballots because, apparently, that’s how we fix our broken elections. There’s corruption and dark money groups everywhere, and like Trump said so perfectly, you have to be an idiot to think our...
  • The Tom Renz Show – Our favorite lunatic, AOC, had an interesting response and blamed CNN, claiming they lost control and allowed Trump to manipulate their platform to spread disinformation. According to the left, every time Trump speaks, it’s dangerous disinformation. The typical socialist reaction is to call for censorship...
  • The Tom Renz Show – We have made the claim that our government – a government of, for, and by the people reportedly – was involved in the murder of a PRESIDENT. There is ZERO justification for secrecy some 60 years later, especially in light of the fact that we now have evidence the same[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The leadership of both parties participates in this game. If they don’t, all the money goes to the other party in the next election cycle. The movement of money does not mean a direct donation and is very difficult to track. Support is frequently based on “favors” that cannot be[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The defining moment in my current career came with the COVID lockdowns. I felt they were illegal and had individuals approach me about fighting them. When these potential clients came to me, they asked me about becoming free first and THEN about filing a lawsuit. Their primary goal was freedom,[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – This is now the largest single-issue swing vote in the history of American elections, and you can bet that their decision to vote for, vote against, or not vote will strongly consider ANY candidate’s position on the mRNA death jab vaccines. I support Trump in just about everything but the[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The leaders of our churches need to be talking about right and wrong and good versus evil now more than ever. If you are standing up every week and taking collections and claiming to teach the word of God and then turning around and doing nothing to call out this[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Are we under attack? We know of the global enemies that want to destroy our country, but how much of the assault on America and freedom is coming from within our own government? The corruption and collusion are undeniable, and every agency is compromised. We need leaders that fight for[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Remember that this bill was ONLY asking for informed consent. If a product has the potential to modify our genes, we simply asked it to be labeled with both the risks AND benefits listed. We need to reach out to Mr. Cooper and ask if he can share the benefits[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Overwhelming support for HB1169, so much so that there are private citizens putting up billboards. It's incredible how successful we’ve been at getting the truth out to the public and pushing for this critical legislation. The Tom Renz army is excited to keep this fight going, and we are currently[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – They are putting vaccines in our vegetables, injecting them into our cattle, and Bill Gates is pumping them into his factory meats that are already being distributed to restaurants nationwide. How does that make you feel? Are you ok with your children getting their gene-modifying vaccines unknowingly in their food?
  • The Tom Renz Show – We have a government that We The People can't trust, they're corrupt, and our government agencies have become domestic terrorists. We now know they think it's ok to secretly inject vaccines into our food supply and are doing it intentionally under the radar. This Big Pharma-funded egregious corruption goes beyond...
  • The Tom Renz Show – We are fighting to expose the corruption of Big Pharma, Bayer Monsanto, and Merck, who are paying off politicians to vote against informed consent to experiment on our families, inject our children with medicines without our knowledge, and effectively turn us all into lab rats. This is criminal, it’s unconstitutional,[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – In the article, “Biden’s White House was up to its neck in the Mar-a-Lago raid,” they discuss the legal standard for classifying documents related to national security. Watergate was nothing compared to what they’ve done to Trump. It’s literally just scandal after scandal, and if we had an AG who[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Fighting against censorship to share the truth about gene-altering meds in the food supply. While opponents distract with cows and poorly written bills, I insist on informed consent and disclosure. My solution, a substitute language, should address Republican concerns. With truth on my side, I remain unafraid..
  • The Tom Renz Show – It’s pretty clear that they are desperate to get this mRNA bioweapon in every single human being and are now pushing for it to be introduced into our food supply without our knowledge. This is why the battle for informed consent is the most crucial battle in this war on[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – We are witnessing an all-out lawfare attack and weaponizing of our judicial system on a scale we've never seen before. They can't risk Trump returning to the oval office and are preparing for an all-out strategic legal assault. Trump and his legal team must embrace the fight they've entered and[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – At this point, we simply must pass legislation to protect informed consent and to require disclosure. Bills similar to Missouri HB1169 need to be introduced in every state and nationally. Bill Gates is pushing for factory meats, and factory meats can be designed as gene therapies without having to use[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What are the risks and the benefits? Where is informed consent? What are they putting in our foods, folks? They’ve had this technology available since late 2019, and now they want to say we don’t have the right to informed consent when it comes to engineering our foods...? If they[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – We are under attack, and they are going to continue poisoning us if we don’t fight back. The WEF didn’t have to worry about support for vaccinating our kids because they can just put in our foods. The incredible researcher, Dr. Joseph Mercola, published a new article titled, “Executive Order[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – These lobbyists are trying to shut this bill down with the argument that they don’t want to label all GMO foods as potential gene therapies… if they have the potential to alter our genes, we deserve to know! If they are putting mRNA technology into animals and vegetables, we deserve[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Let’s bear in mind that the World Health Organization led the investigation into both Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 origins and concluded that both viruses most likely were of zoonotic origin and completely dismissed (without any evidence) a lab leak theory. Like SARS-CoV-2, the origin of the Ebola outbreak was located only...
  • The Tom Renz Show – In Headline USA, there was an article titled, “Antifa, Trans Activist Groups Planned ‘Day of Vengeance’ Prior to Nashville Massacre.” What would the response be if the tables were turned, and a Southern Baptist church planned a ‘Day of Vengeance’ on the trans community? Promoting violence is evil no matter[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – As if this tragedy wasn’t bad enough, a gun control activist showed up at the school shooting briefing screaming about guns. This crazy buffoon activist said we need gun control and that assault weapons are contributing to the border crisis. This lady does not know what she is talking about;[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Think of what the two of them could accomplish with Trump in the White House and DeSantis as governor. If they were working together as a coordinated team, they would be able to put a major dent in this corruption and help get our nation back on track. The 2024[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Despite the clear language and context of this bill, pharma threw an absolute conniption over this and sent in the lobbyists to challenge this bill requiring gene therapies be labeled, and informed consent be offered. Their argument was really incredible and essentially was that they are already modifying our genomes[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – There are a lot of cases finally being filed on Remdesivir and other dangerous treatments. When these killing hospitals aren’t feeding and hydrating people, when nurses are admitting to practicing hastening death protocols, and calling specific floors in the hospital, “the killing floor,” I’d say these actions qualify as intentional...
  • The Tom Renz Show – All Americans want laws that are fair and our justice system to treat all citizens equally. Everyone can see the law isn’t being applied equally, and the more these bought-and-paid traitors attack President Trump, the more obvious it is. The Soros-funded buffoon out of Manhattan who thought it would be[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – By midsummer of 2020, we had both new and historical data that clearly showed that masking was of zero benefit and came with a number of very real risks. This evidence was incredibly clear, and my team (with the help of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) submitted the evidence document to a[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – This is clearly a planned attack on our economy being waged by our own government, and Trump said it perfectly, they are turning our country into a third-world disaster being run by a criminal administration that’s intentionally selling us out, and setting us up for World War 3. The only[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Bills promoting these changes are being pushed through hard-red states such as Missouri (HB1165), Oklahoma (HB2776), Texas (SB2075), and Tennessee (SB479/HB640). There are also a ton of other states where these bills need to be stopped. If there’s any proposed legislation that involves banking in your state, ensure that...
  • The Tom Renz Show – These basic questions should have very simple answers, and they should by no means be controversial. We’ve hit many lows in our society, and I bring this all up in an effort to expose just how insane it is; we need to be calling out stupid when we see it.[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The bank bailouts from the feds will ensure that inflation continues to spiral out of control for the next few years. When the feds step in and say they will insure all of the accounts, it means they will be printing a monumental amount of money. This will result in[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – These death jabs are the most egregious example of Crimes Against Humanity ever committed. Millions of people are dying from these death jabs, and the truth is coming out regarding the side effects and dangers for everyone. Nuremberg 2.0 legislation should be up for a vote immediately...
  • The Tom Renz Show – J6, COVID, 2020 election, 2022 election, and more... all evidence of the abject failure of our justice system. Faith in the justice system is a dangerous thing for society to lose. We must fight censorship & corruption. How will this SCOTUS be remembered? We need the truth to continue to[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – How is it that McConnell, a supposed Republican, is standing side by side with the leftist lunatic Chuck Schumer? The American people deserve the truth, and Tucker sharing video footage of what really happened on J6 is exactly that. Hey McConnell, how about you show some outrage for the J6ers[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – It’s almost been fun watching the democrats lose their collective minds over us, the people, seeing the truth about this egregious, illegal, and unconstitutional fraud. I want justice for every J6 prisoner as well as for the American people - we cannot allow our nation to become a banana republic.[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – What they are able to get away with is beyond unconstitutional; our forefathers would never have let this happen. What has happened to our country? This isn’t a tea tax, folks; this is the overt weaponization of our government against its people, and we have to fight back...
  • The Tom Renz Show – Why do they want all childhood vaccines to change to gene therapies for kids? Why are they putting mRNA into our food supply? Why are they changing existing vaccines? The reality is that this is really the WEF, Pfizer, and WHO, doubling down on their efforts to ensure every human[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The result of this bill will uncover only one side of the COVID origin story, China’s involvement and not ours. The truth is that our government funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab, and our DOD was behind it. We need to address the crimes that our own government agencies[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The truth regarding COVID treatments, death jabs, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns has been and continues to be censored by Google and everyone that answers to them. The censorship that Big Tech has allowed and encouraged on their platforms and with the backing of big pharma is responsible for millions[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Our government and Fauci were not only involved, they funded the creation of COVID-19. What’s happening in Ukraine, which is creating a real threat of a third-world war involving Russia & China, is a desperate effort to cover up the crimes against humanity that occurred on our own soil by[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – If we don’t start calling out these RINOs at the state level, then, as Hagman points out, it’s very difficult for the Republicans in Congress and the Senate to enact positive change; we need our state reps to push these bills through. Call them out, get them out of office,[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – I am calling for an investigation into the justice system. There is NO more critical issue to our nation than the legitimacy of the courts, and it is the absolute duty of the SCOTUS and state supreme courts to ensure transparency and justice. If the people cannot legitimately expect the[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Pastor Greg Schulz decided to stand up against the woke mob and called out language and policy that was racist at the university and was fired over it. Schulz is a philosophy professor, and now the newly installed CUW President, Erik Ankerberg, is in talks with Schulz to reinstate his[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Dean Plocher looks to be another gutless, bought, and paid-for RINO. Read the bill; as I said, it’s short (only two pages long) and was purposely created to be simple and straightforward. There is absolutely no reason for this to be blocked by Plocher other than the money he’s getting[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – There are many questions still unanswered in Palestine, Ohio, like how many cars were carrying vinyl chloride and what other chemicals were lit on fire? This is an astronomical disaster, and not only has it never happened before, but it is also clear that the truth is being censored and[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – We are sitting back and watching multiple train derailments occur, chemical plants burning across the country, and astronomical rising food costs and interest rates are all part of the master plan to destroy our country. The WEF, CCP, and globalist billionaires that are pushing for a one-world global currency and[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – The patriot movement is not like other political movements. We do not have the smoke-filled rooms, we do not have access to the rich and powerful, and very few of us are followers. Instead, the patriot movement is made up of “we the people” and is full of independent, freedom-minded[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Everywhere we look, there are more train derailments and chemical spills, not to mention the absurd number of food processing fires and other structures that are going up in flames in what we are supposed to believe are all pure coincidences. If you remember the discussion right after 9/11 regarding[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – Hating someone or a group of people is not a crime, and you cannot investigate someone for that. Moreover, targeting religious institutions because some idiots at the SPLC call them a “hate group” is the foundation of the First Amendment protections for religious freedoms. There are two things that have[...]
  • The Tom Renz Show – After spending 8 bucks on a dozen eggs, I decided to talk to some farmers I know about what they think is causing this chicken and egg crisis. Interestingly they started testing out their chicken feed when their chickens stopped laying eggs. Desperate to find out what the problem was,[...]

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The Tom Renz Show – The truth regarding COVID treatments, death jabs, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns has been and continues to be censored by Google and everyone that answers to them. The censorship that Big Tech has allowed and encouraged on their platforms and with the backing of big pharma is responsible for millions of deaths…

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